Cal 24 Rally history?


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Last set: These are from the 2005 Cal 24. This was my last time rallying with the TT600. Version 2 of the aux fuel rack was much stronger and I had no issues. However my speedometer/odometer decided to quite working about halfway through the rally, rendering me ineligible for most bonus points. I still finished the rally but was way down in 46th place or something like that. I mapped out my route later and found that I rode 1440 miles during 23.5 hours on this rally. Start/finish was in King City. Looks like I had a slightly better camera on this one.

Jeff Earls tells a joke but Roger Van Santen doesn't get it.

Mark Crane decides that hotel key cards taste about as good as Power Bars.


George Zelenz asks Doug Chapman to pull his finger.

You kids won't remember this, but there used to still be snow up in the mountains in mid-June.

Tom Melchild and Dave Biasotti (sp?) chat with the locals.

Tom Melchild teaches Jeff Earls a thing or two about rallymastering. Poor Jeff shared a motel room with me on this rally and had to suffer through my epic snoring.