Chain oilers

So far the Scott Oiler seems to be working well, but the real test will be when the rainy season arrives in October. I've always been pretty lazy about chain maintenance and as a result my chain developed rust on a couple of occasions last year. My intention is that the Scott Oiler lets me continue to be lazy.
I recently took a 2200 mile motorcycle trip with my nephew. We got rained on a few times. The Scott Oiler seemed to do well and keep my chain oiled through the rain. The chain always looked like it had fresh oil on it when we stopped. I suspect yours will do as well, but keep us updated on your results.
I used a ScottOiler eSystem on my BMW S1000XR for about 25k miles in 6 months and then decided to dump it in the trash. It was too finicky between getting clogged and staying properly aligned to the chain. Especially after doing unpaved roads it would prove useless. When it did work, it just created a big mess around the front sprocket. No issues with fling off at the rear but the front was one big mess. When the main reservoir started leaking... time to dump this in the trash. BTW service/warranty on ScottOiler in US was non-existent...