Christmas 2020 RTE.


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i have cancelled the event, as at the moment the maximum number of people gathering at any event is limited to 6, as before the current lock down.
As the organizer of this event I could be fined up to £10,000 for exceeding that number.
So I had no choice but to cancel. If the government change the rules on the 2nd of December to 15 or more then the event could go ahead.
Not much time to sort out before our booked dates.

So as I see it you have 3 options

Option 1. Hang on and see what happens at the end of this lock-down and hope the group size is increased, then phone, IBA forum or Facebook forum to see who wants to still go.

Option 2 Transfer your booking to another date either sometime you fancy staying there or a future IBA event that maybe organized next year.

Option 3 If you booked on the deal that the hotel offered in Feb/march you can do nothing, don't turn up or just cancel and loose your money.

It is up to you to decide what to do, and contact the hotel directly to let them know. As pointed out in the first thread you had to book directly with the hotel so I cannot reschedule your stay dates or cancel them.

I you want to have another RTE, I am happy to arrange that there next year. But you will have ask the hotel if you can put your booking on hold until a date has been confirmed.
I am in exactly the same position, I would like to have the new date as the December / Christmas RTE next year.
As I said if you want to do that I will arrange the dates with the hotel. But as this I will not get involved in booking rooms.
You will have to sort out your own bookings.
I will just arrange the event.

PS you may get the impression that I am a little pissed off with the hotel and the Covid situation
You would be correct:)

Cheers Steve
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I have been informed that the hotel is happy to hold onto our bookings, So I have just contacted the hotel and asked them to hold onto my booking until an undetermined date next year. When we can have a RTE.
I am awaiting their reply.


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Steve the Hotel has agreed to move my booking which was kind of them as they didn't have too .
I'm going to rebook it for your rally in 2021.
Do you have a fixed date as yet for the rally ?