Current certificate cost?

Garry in AZ

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Because the main IBA website is down, I am looking for the cost of a "cert only" ride submission, via the Premier electronic format. Is it still 35 bucks?
I'm finally getting around to electronically submitting some rides that have been stacking up for a few years.



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If it is a 2016 or older ride and you have those forms, use that pricing but BBGs are slightly less (all of $1 US) so worth checking.

Garage Monster

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I love this place but find the websites to be disorganized a little. Not a slam because I appreciate all the volunteers do. I send my money and I am a premiere member. I cannot find the list of certification costs. I need for a ss1000 a bb1500 and a CC50 that I am ready to submit. I will keep looking though.