Dalby Qld Muster 2018


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Lets just say that I want to quote the entire page above as each post says what my thinking is - a great event, with a great location and great company and content!.

We departed @ 5am Sunday and hit Melbourne proper @ 10.30pm that night with 1,550 kms under the belt on the return leg.

Already planning next year - GOR and GAR anyone?


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Just had a call from Henk, Spyder Rider, recuperating in Brisbane at his son's home. He explained that on return from the IBA muster and Nindigully FarRide he had an argument with a concrete roadside barrier and ended up in hospital for a few days. No bones broken, some internal bruising of one side hip which seems under control plus a little more worrying case of vertigo but again hopes that medication will prevail. He and medicos are unsure if he nodded off or had a heart attack when he veered into the concrete. He was in good spirits but thinks this may be the last of his riding days. Appears that the Spyder is not too bad but opinions are varied.

He did add that the recent muster was a great success and he thorougly enjoyed catching up with all and sundry.


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Well im sort of mixed a bit with this news Malcom. Very sad to hear this has happened and very glad Henks mostly ok and saddened to read of a riders road life on two wheel coming to the closing stage.
Henk mate if you read this then be assured that Tony and I wish you a good recovery mate.


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I too am saddened to hear of your argument Henk. Unless you have a box of dynamite handy, concrete always seems to win. All the best for the recovery and managing your ailments. 2, 3 or 4 wheels, you'll always be welcome at our camp mate.


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Such sad new about Henk. I am pleased to read that he is basically OK after what was potentially a very nasty altercation. I was just boasting to the guys at work today about a top bloke I know who is 80 years young and still riding massive distances to share in our much loved pastime. We were talking about ageing and not knowing what lies ahead for us all ..... best wishes to Henk for whatever he decides is the best outcome for him. What great memories he has created for himself with his lifetime of motorcycles


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I just spoke to Henk, he is still resting up at his son's house in Brisbane. He is good spirits considering what could have happened with what seems to be bruising the main injury. He said his Spyder ended up 300m down the road after the impact with the concrete barrier near Coffs Harbour on the Pacific Hwy, he was thrown off on impact.

Henk is hoping to get back to Adelaide on Tuesday if all things go to plan.

He did say it may have been his last ride, what a bugger, I know how much he loved his riding and seeing the countryside.

Recover quickly Henk.


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Thanks for the update Mick. It's good that Henk is in good spirits, despite the disappointment of maybe not riding again.
Pacific Highway near Coffs Harbour ... mmm ... just had shivers remembering my own experience on that Highway in that region.


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I corresponded with Henk recently, and he asked me to update people for him.
I've done so across the road, so here is a summary here also.

Henk returned to Adelaide after three days in Coffs Harbour Hospital, and five days at his son's home near Brisbane.
He is continuing to have blood tests, and awaiting results of a heart monitor test.
Henk was advised that the black out he suffered (resulting in the accident) could have been from dehydration, vertigo or syncopal episode (low blood flow/oxygen to the brain).
Henk still has pain in hip and lower leg, and is still very dizzy and has trouble walking straight.
Henk is now clear, stating that this was his last bike ride, and does not want to take further risks of it happening again.
He has lost his licence for six months (automatically applied when accident due to blackout)
Henk says the impact speed with the railing was around 70 km/h, and he was glad it wasn't faster.

Henk sends his greetings. We may see him over here - I hope so.

(This was his recent reply) -
Thanks for all your best wishes.The result of the heart monitor was good. My heart is in good order.My red blood cells are still low.
The vertigo is not so good I did have 4 falls in the last 3 day's.
Still don't know ware my Spyder is.
Thanks and Greetings Henk


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Jeltje and I send our greeting to Henk. He always enjoys talking to Jeltje and she often asks after him when I go on an IBA ride. Get well soon.