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Frans need a ride - 25 May 2017

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Fransvdm, Mar 17, 2017.

  1. Farkleit

    Farkleit Premier Member

    I'[​IMG][/URL][/IMG] m confused, when i do the same list i get the following, (except for the last part where i go Brisbane from Melbourne.
    [​IMG][/URL][/IMG] [​IMG]
    I hope that shows up.....
  2. Farkleit

    Farkleit Premier Member

    And now to the Big question i have.
    If the Coogee to Scarborough is a 50CC as per this (3945klm by the map)

    What do you call this ONE (4337klm by the map)

  3. sixty6north

    sixty6north Well-Known Member

    Its hard but doable - O/A of 86 is pretty good riding over 2 days - should give you a 5 hour break at Ceduna if you can maintain 100kph O/A for the day - with not much left up your sleeve - I would like to see someone do it though.
  4. Fransvdm

    Fransvdm Premier Member


    I plan:
    • Trans Australia Quest
    • Couple of SS1600's to get to Katherine
    • 50CC to Melbourne with Bum Burner 1500 Gold and Centreline 36 built in
    • Then back home
    I'm not chasing too many certificates unless someone with more experience and knowledge would like to chime in and tell me what challenges they could see which I don't know about. Enterprise suggested the 50CC and Bun Burner 1500 Gold.

    All I want to do is to fill in the western part of the map


  5. OX-34

    OX-34 Premier Member IBR Finisher

    Farkleit, I put in those towns, but also dragged the route on the map to include Brisbane and Perth without naming them.

    The Capalaba to Perth run would count as a Brisbane/Perth 50CC Gold. Davo did one years ago. I did one during the Australia Southern Cross (ASC), taking 49 hours 51 minutes if I recall correctly.

    Like that 50CC within the ASC, I also completed and documented a Trans Australia, a 50CC Darwin to Torquay and SS1600s, SS2000K and a BBG2500.

    I didn't submit any of those extra rides.

    Approaching a big ride like the ASC, though, I can highly recommend breaking the trip into both physical and mental chunks of IBA certificate length.
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  6. Farkleit

    Farkleit Premier Member

    Well that's a lot of mumbo jumbo right now, I have no idea how to combine rides in rides and what's right or good, I'll just go for whatever we can get while I so can.
    Far as I'm concerned I'll hope some one can let us know exactly how many could be achieved here.
    Then I'm looking to know what the Brisbane Scarborough would be called and due to the extra distance, is more time allocated for the cc ?
  7. Farkleit

    Farkleit Premier Member

    Sorry Peter, it seems you sent as I was replying to what I had seen earlier.
    The paperwork gonna be the killer
  8. Farkleit

    Farkleit Premier Member

    Ok, Ox-34 added a route to Brisbane then also added Perth, a free these in or out of the agenda?
  9. tj189

    tj189 Administrator

    Looks like a great ride Frans....some great reminders from others regarding your lights in SA :) ....

    There have been a couple of riders try to do the run from Perth back across to Brisvegas, myself being one of them, both of us ended at Coffs Harbour. For myself it was a return journey after the Australian Southern Cross and in doing some mental calculation in the middle of NSW re routed to Coffs. I think the run Brisvegas to Perth (or visa versa) is a great challenge. Only one rider has completed this ride, Davo Jones.
  10. Fransvdm

    Fransvdm Premier Member

    Brian, the ride is still called 50CC Gold. No extra time. If I were you I will start the 50CC at Newcastle or Coogee.

    I intend to ride a Trans Australia Quest which are 3 days Byron Bay to Denham.
    I won't go to Brisbane.

    Byron Bay, Lismore, Casino, Tenterfield, Tamworth, Gunnedah, Gilgandra, Broken Hill, and then the only road west. :)
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  11. Farkleit

    Farkleit Premier Member

    Ok kewl, Ill attempt a 50cc at a later date somewhere in the future, maybe even a 100ccc......... maybe

    Is there some time layover in Denham? or we keep going? im learning lots here
  12. OX-34

    OX-34 Premier Member IBR Finisher

    TJ, I was witnessed by Clint, Charleen and the bloke at the 7-Eleven in Brisbane, then 49 hours and 51 minutes later by Gus in Cottesloe after a fully documented 4357km.

    If by completing the ride you mean received a certificate, then only its only Davo [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
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  13. Farkleit

    Farkleit Premier Member

    Whats the lights in SA mean?
  14. tj189

    tj189 Administrator

    Frans has a better version, however, he ran into some issues with the local constabulary regarding all his lights on during the day
  15. tj189

    tj189 Administrator

    You are correct Peter, Davo is the only rider certified as having completed this as an IBA ride.
  16. Fransvdm

    Fransvdm Premier Member

    A few years back Jeannie and I were on holiday and we were pulled over by 2 poo poo chicks just south of Glendambo. My bike was defected because it had too many lights fitted. I went to the cop shop in Coober Pedy and after I paid the fine of some $320 or so, the bike miraculously became roadworthy again, still with all the lights fitted.

    Someone suggested at the time the poo poo girls were disappointed to see I have the wife with me, therefor the ticket :):):)
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  17. Fransvdm

    Fransvdm Premier Member

    They were not all on
    Only the standard lights of the Goldwing were on and 2 tiny led lights.
  18. Tele

    Tele Premier Member

    Best wishes for the ride plan\s Frans. Epic stuff mate. The mind boggles (well, at least mine does anyway).
  19. Nico

    Nico Well-Known Member

    Good to see Frans.
    That's a great plan you have. Good luck I look forward to watching your run.
    That Byron Bay to Denham ride hasn't been done for a while.
    Are you planning it as a 50cc Gold?
    That was the ride that I discovered Davo when he did it.
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  20. OX-34

    OX-34 Premier Member IBR Finisher

    Tough challenge there Nico.... 5017km in 50 hours.
    Doable though, and only 1000km longer than a standard 50CC GOLD to boot.!!!!!!

    Most mere mortals would be allowed 72 hours for such a task, but Frans may well give it a crack. Woof woof.
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