Fuel Economy


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Have a 2016 and looking to do some LD riding, so need some data on fuel economy.

Planning to do a 600 mile run here shortly to get a handle on what my bike will do compared to what it tells me. Right now my bike is recording 49.9MPG fuel economy, but really need to record it myself and see if there is any correlation.

So you LD riders what have you found in the real world compared to the average fuel indicated.

I'm expecting a fuel economy number for running about 70MPH.



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Lanval it sounds like you want to know how long my piece of string is.

The most valid data will come from measuring your own piece of string.

Say if I get 39.9MPG or even 59.9MPG on my FJR, how is that going to affect your fuel economy data and subsequent planning for your upcoming 600 mile run?

Unless you're on a very tight budget and are trying to limit the fuel cost by a few dollars by some fuel mapping, gear change strategy, aerodynamic mod or something else, the fuel economy for your 600 mile run about 70MPH will be exactly the fuel economy for your 600 mile run at about 70MPH - no more, no less.

I'd suggest you ride to the gas station and reset your 'average MPG' and 'Trip A' on your dashboard, plus your GPS trip if you use one. Then fill up to wherever you say is the top. Go ride for a hundred miles or so - the farther the better - fill up again to wherever you say is top. Take note of the gallons the possibly unreliable pump says. Take note of your 'Trip A' and GPS trip. Now with docket in hand showing the gas gallons you pumped and the distance your bike thinks it travelled and the distance your GPS thinks it travelled make a couple of calculations to see how those answers compare to the 'Average MPG' on your dashboard. I doubt those numbers will be the same, but you will have an answer.

If however, you are really wanting to ask about other FJR rider's average/expected tank range rather than economy, then that is a different question.

Enjoy the 600 mile run and the many, many more big days on the FJR to follow o_O


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I know what you mean about how long is a piece of string, was wondering about what LD riders roughly get at highway speeds on average. Just an idea of what I might expect. And yes I will do the 600 mile run to find out exactly what my FJR will give me, and ofcourse temperature, wind and other factors can affect.