Game Of Thrones - Battle of the 7 Kingdoms Rally - Begins June 21st - Winter Is Coming..GOT General Chat Thread


NOTE - You May Join The Rally At Any Time Whilst The Rally Is On Simply By Registering and Making Your Presence Known To Your Khaleesi.

Want to be part of a 12 week Australia wide rider challenge that is based on you working for the greater good? You can ride anywhere you like, whenever you like, do as much or as little as you like, and still be part of the challenge which will run over 12 weeks. We will need 7 leaders who will head their various state kingdoms. First 7 to raise their hands and put forward their names to lead their armies shall be given those titles. If you so desire it, to lead an army, these are the state kingdoms I, head of all the realm, shall require leaders for -
1. QLD
2. Tasmania
3. NSW
4. WA
5. SA
6. VIC
First to put their name down for a leadership role (don’t be afraid, you are a fearless IBA rider) shall be named the leader of that state kingdom. Of course you must be a resident of that state kingdom to qualify for a leadership role.
Do not despair if you miss out on a leadership role, for there shall be many roles to be filled in this game.
Your first clue will be posted here. Be patient.
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jeffrey gebler

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You may put me down for a leader in S.A. as long as the riding required may be done during the week and not weekends. Some of us have un-sociable careers that requires us to work weekends and the weekends we do have off are for memorial rides, musters and rallies.
You may put me down for a leader in S.A. as long as the riding required may be done during the week and not weekends. Some of us have un-sociable careers that requires us to work weekends and the weekends we do have off are for memorial rides, musters and rallies.
The riding can be done any time you like, day or night, weekdays or weekends, and can also be done whilst riding to and from musters and other scheduled rides you may have.
Welcome to our Leader in SA.
Leader Board
1. SA - Jeffrey Gebler = 700 points for your Kingdom
2. QLD- Naughty Bart = 600 points for your Kingdom
3. ???? = ??? Points for your Kingdom
Fill in the blanks !!
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Being brave enough to nominate yourself as the very first Leader of the very first kingdom, which shall be named at a later date when all is revealed, you have gained 700 points for your kingdom. Hail Jeffrey Gebler. And so the game begins........
The riding for the game will begin on the day of the Winter Solstice and shall continue for a period of 12 weeks from that date. You decide how much or how little you play the game. There is no charge to enter the game. Registrations for the Game will begin as soon as we have our Kingdom Leaders in place. If you’re an IBA rider, and plan to ride your bike at any time during the period of the game, you should be brave enough to enter the game. 8BD96584-1AAE-422A-9B54-B2EF5B0AA9EB.jpeg
And there you have it - The Game Of Thrones - the 7 Kingdoms of Westeros shall battle it out in this riding challenge over 12 weeks, beginning on June 21st.
It shall be a game of stamina and wit, and shall take into account many feats you may accomplish during the time of the challenge. Our leaders of each kingdom, apart from one, are still to step forward. Be brave for the game has already begun.
Your Khaleesi, or Leader of the Realm, “Westeros”, is me of course, Daenerys Targaryen.
Your 7 Kingdoms Names and Leaders Names shall be announced over the next week.
We need 6 more leaders.
Our SA leader is Jeffrey Gebler. Stand up and be counted. You are fighting for your kingdom.
Make your Khaleesi proud!
If you are a Game of Thrones fan, then everything you have seen will be turned upside down - we have our own set of rules for the game!
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For those of you who are already terrified of your Khaleesi, don’t be. She tames dragons in her spare time, so she is well able to keep her kingdom happy.
The rules of the Game will be very simple. From the 21st June for a period of exactly 12 weeks you will be a warrior in one of the 7 kingdoms (state based).
Each kingdom will have a leader, to rally his troops and encourage other warriors to join his army and gather points.
The role of each warrior (or rider) will be to carry out various tasks (visit various waypoints all over your state or kingdom, or indeed the realm) and gather up points. You will be able to gather these waypoints whenever or wherever you like. It will be relatively easy for each of you because you will all be riding around your kingdom or the realm anyway and you can apply these tasks anywhere, anytime. You will be able to do as little or as much as you like. Whatever your schedule will allow. You will be able to join in anytime by registering your participation. If you are part of the Memorial Ride, or The Border Run, a Muster or planning on joining The Dam Hard To Say Rally (which of course begins after the Game of Thrones will finish) or you are planning an IBA ride, these may assist you and your kingdom in gaining points. When you register, you will be able to select your Game name. A list of GOT names for you to choose will be posted. There is no cost to enter.
If you are a Game of Thrones fan, you will know that things change constantly and there is lots of anarchy, treachery, and inter family affairs!


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Good on you Bart! I'm sure you'll do us proud. QUEENSLANDEEEER!!
I'm teetering on the brink of playing. I know zero about GOT and the 12 week commitment is a bit overwhelming with my other riding commitments, but I'm coming around.