I feel the Need, the Need for - ACT Insanity v2.0!

jeffrey gebler

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I certainly hope all is well by early October. I know my 84 year old pillion is hoping for the same.
I have a couple of weeks off now and had a plan to do a ride out west and attend the FarRide but still locked out. Next plan was going north to Darwin for an extended ride, was leaving Saturday until I saw yesterday's news. Now looking like it might be a south australia ride only.


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You would have to say, that the odds of this event running in October are declining considerably. The aim was to get as many riders from QLD, NSW, VIC and SA to Canberra for this one, so we might have to move it to late summer - maybe April 2022? Any thoughts?
i would be a definite for April 2022 ..... I have been out of action 9so to speak) for the last 4 years being a mature aged uni student ..... my last day of uni is the 28th of Oct so I was not going to be able to attend .... but april 2022 .... sign me up!


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22 December 2021 is the Summer Solstice.
21 March 2022 is the Autumn Equinox.

I'd be keen for either of those if October doesn't go ahead. Two birds.

Even though December is closer and fulfilling the desire to RIDE.......being so close to Christmas would be a nightmare traffic wise because every crazy last minute shopper would be on the roads as well as all the interstate school holiday makers and their caravans ..... and the heat can be extreme in Canberra in December too!

March would be a great time is there is no holidays at that time ..... is there?