I feel the Need, the Need for - ACT Insanity v2.0!

Chief Minister just announced that ACT will be coming out of lockdown on Friday 15th October at 12:01am.

Not sure what that means regarding border crossings for non ACT people. But technically, this could run on 16th October.
NSW has announced this week that "travel to the regions" will not be permitted until NSW hits 80% double dose. (it was originally 70% ).

The 70% target should be achieved by 11-October and the 80% target is expected 2 or 3 weeks later. Say 25-Oct or maybe 1-Nov.

Restrictions will remain in place for people who are not double dosed. The Medicare Express and the NSW Services phone apps will show your vaccination status.
Just saw this today on the news.com.au website.

A Senate Covid-19 committee on Thursday heard Australia could end up in a situation where each state had their own Covid Check In app, with no possibility of a national app.

Currently, if you are a resident of the ACT, NT, QLD or TAS, you can use your home state's mobile phone Covid Check-In app across each jurisdiction as each of these States & Territory's app uses the same back end code developed by the ACT government.

But if you’re a resident of Victoria, Western Australia and NSW, and visit another state or territory, your home state's app won't work and you must download their app as well.

So, if you live in the ACT and want to travel to NSW, then you will need the NSW Service app. If you also want to travel to Victoria, you will also need the Voctorian app as well.

Likewise, as I am a resident of NSW, I will also need the ACT app if I want to visit Canberra.

Will it never end . . . .

(edit) added link the article. Comments start at 6th paragraph . https://www.news.com.au/technology/
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Martin Little

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While the news is great that the ACT is on track (fingers crossed) for coming out of lockdown at midnight 14 October, this looks to be a gradual easing of the current restrictions with a date for interstate travel yet to be finalized sometime later this year.......

With all that in mind v2 of the group ride ACT Insanity is looking a more certain bet for 2022. Count me in for that!

Given all this, and, as it’s being over 5 months since I rode a motorcycle any distance to speak of, I’m going to mount up early o’clock Saturday 16th October for an informal crack at the 20 odd laps of the ACT. (desperate for some time on my moto)

Absolutely no idea how the body or mind will respond after so long off the moto’s but as Smashmouth says, “you’ll never know if you don’t go”