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In July had an accident outside the Bank of England. He had to have a pin inserted in his leg
He was in constant pain and never seemed to recover fully
He went into hospital in December and they discovered his hip was broken and at the same time found he had bone and lung cancer
He had a hip operation on Christmas eve
It was planned that he would start chemo

Ian passed away on Monday 16th Jan

Ian was one of life's characters and a true Iron Butt Rider who competed in several Brit Butt Rallies.

His Funeral is Tuesday 14th February
Meet at Co-op Funeral , 127, Fulham Palace Road, Hammersmith to leave at 12.00
A motorcycle hearse has been organised for riders to follow it to Mortlake Crematorium.


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Oh dear so sorry to hear the sad news.
Thanks for posting it Phil.
Will try and get down for the funeral.

R.I.P. Ian.


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Will be there.

For those attending by motorcycle Hammersmith and Fulham state
Parking zones and motorcycles
You can park motorcycles (motorbikes) in any pay and display or shared-use parking place for free. The whole motorcycle must be parked within the parking bay markings. Motorcycles must not be parked in a suspended parking bay, on a single or double yellow line during its hours of operation, or on the pavement. Some areas have designated parking bays for the sole use of solo motorcycles – these are clearly marked. Motorcycles must not be parked in parking bays reserved for disabled badge holders, market traders, diplomatic vehicles, doctors or loading bays.

I know its midweek but we are short of a February RTE. The Half Moon Café is next door to the Co-Op. I intend to be there from about 11am for a coffee and reminisce with like minded souls.

There are numerous shared parking bays around the meeting point, but remember your chain/locks.
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I was trying to make it work to come over as well but after fighting with locals here finally had a date nominated to have the yamaha tested on feb 15 so sorry that I cant be present to remember and celebrate scooterboys farewell.please pass on my condolences to his family and friends...He will be missed!
So sad to hear of Ian's passing, he was truly one of the good guys.

Unfortunately I won't be able to make the funeral - give him a good send off those that do make it.


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I last spoke with Iain towards the end of September last year. He was hoping to have a go at planning then riding an Iceni Rally route on his own when he got back on two wheels. I too can't get the time off to come down south but will be thinking of you all during his final ride-out :(


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I'll be there, God Willing.

Just for information Iain spelled his name with the extra "i", not sure as to why as I think Iain has its routes in Scotland?

Anyone know the nearest Travelodge to Mortlake Crematorium?

Love, light and kindness,



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I have just booked the Luton Travelodge on Monday 13th and plan on breakfasting at Ace Cafe at 09:00 on Tuesday 14th. It is 5.6 miles from Ace to Mortlake. Now only need reasonable riding weather.