IBA Australia Inaugural Muster


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We have had several enquiries regarding registration already.

Registration will be open on the 1st February 2016 .


Would love to, but will also be riding in Butt Lite VIII in CO, USA. Good luck with it.


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Accomodation booked.
Now to get through all the other things I have scheduled before that...
Come on July!


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I am waiting with baited breath for my last two rides to be certified so I can then get issued with a IBA number and be ready to fill out the application for this inaugural muster!

Much excitement is building!


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Oki Doki hav e to ask as neva done a muster B4.
Is the time slot of 12.00pm to 2.00pm locked into a 24 hour period?
In other words as long as we do a SS1600 ride and it finishes of the 2nd July at Parkes and we meet all the criteria of fule dockets and everything else will we be signed off?

Must we start a ride on FRIDAY 1st July not before 12noon and not after 2.00pm (1400hrs) so that we meet the sign in window.
Our preference is to leave earlier Friday am to try and avoid some of the winter chills especially as we will be comming from QLD and hate the cold and the minus degrees around Parkes.

Please any infor welcomed from the organizers or anyone else thast been to a MUSTER before.


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Hi Farkleit

As long as the ride is completed in Parkes NSW on the 2nd July 2016 and meets IBA rules, it will be accepted.

Registration is open between 12:00 and 14:00hrs. This window allows final checking of rider information enabling presentation of of certificates at 16:00hrs. Riders arriving after this time will still be eligible for the certificate however it will be validated off site and forwarded to them in the mail.

Looking forward to see you at the muster Farkleit


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Ok looking at different routes to decide if I'll attempt this, if I do the ride it is approx. 3,600kms one way so I need to plan. I'm thinking leave Perth Wed for an SS2000 to Ceduna, Thursday rest then Leave Ceduna Friday for a SS1600 To Parkes.
Now the SS1600 would be the only ride I Pre register so that the ride is completed in Parkes. I'd prefer to leave Ceduna early about 06.00 just gotta work out when arriving at Parkes who can witness my ride form as I'm thinking I would hit Parkes approx 04.00 Sat


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Sounds like you have it all worked out already Scarp. If you get stuck, Im more than happy to witness you're form at 04:00hrs!


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Sounds like you have it all worked out already Scarp. If you get stuck, Im more than happy to witness you're form at 04:00hrs!
Thanks Karl, It looks like it's all coming together, just a few loose ends till I confirm hope to see you there!