IBA Australia Inaugural Muster


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I would like to echo the sentiments and accolades of my fellow riders for the marvellous effort by the "management team" to plan and execute such a wonderful Muster event. Well done to everyone involved. Thank you for the obvious personal effort that went into the whole shebang!

I had the pleasure of a homeward ride with Ox, Nevertire Nic, Tiger Bill and Wombattle. After the Dish photos, we headed eastward via Orange, Bathurst (with a lap of the Mountain as we do), then bathed in wonderful sunshine we headed through the hills of Sofala, through Kandos, Rylestone and Bylong before rejoining the Golden Highway just west of Denman. It was a tad cool, but really quite a beautiful day for such a ride.

A bit of a worry for me whilst negotiating the Bylong Valley .... the tyre pressure warning sensor on the K16 started flashing red. Close monitoring showed a slow and steady leak .... the culprit was a rear tyre that had worn to the canvas belting down the centre. :( My small compressor was enough to regain enough pressure to limp the bike home without any catastrophic failure. I was compelled to stop about every 40\50k's to top up the pressure, so needless to say the last few hundred kilometres was quite a protracted exercise. Thanks to the ride buddies for their concern and kind understanding. Safely in the driveway around 17:30 and on the phone Monday morning to order a new tyre. Then back to work .................:eek:

Until next time ...... safe travels to you all ;)


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Well that was a nice extended weekend away.

Arrived home last night

Will write more later but this is the ROUTE I took.

Suffice to say it was a fantastic event and I really appreciate the time Skidoo, TJ and Karl ..... and ALL of the administration team on the day ....... all put in to make this a great inaugural event.

Come to the North next time! ;)
We are home safe and sound and detoxed ready to go back to the grind. Thanks to everyone who made this Muster happen - TJ, Karl and the team. Thanks for all the new friends we made. I am not sure that we will ever progress beyond "vanilla" level but it was great to hang out with a bunch who have serious long distance motorcycling as their passion (I guess you are Strong Black Coffee Level).
I will stay posted and look to fit in another muster in our future. If anyoeever needs someone to sign off a start. finish or a corner in Mackay or about message me.
Thanks again talk soon
Hop and Rob


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Was lovely to meet you Hop & Rob.
I have a friend who lives in Mackay.....he runs the Learn 2 ride motorcycle school. If you happen to see Brett, tell him I said HI.

Frog glad you got home safely too!!


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Good one John, I juz luv the way I can teleport vast distances, according to my SPOT that is. Me thinks it may be a tad faulty or it's the cheap lithium batteries I'm using. Come to think of it, I didn't replace the batteries after the 3 days and the drenching on the Moree 10yr anniversary ride. Oh well, will need to test, test, test...

Thanks again anyway.
Hi All,
I would like to get in touch with this bloke from Brisbane who was at the muster. Unfortunately I can not remember your name or your handle. So if you see this or someone, who knows who you are, sees this can you pm me please so I can touch base.


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The young lad in the photo is Sebastian. Very nice chap indeed (shared a table with him on Saturday evening). Extensive overseas riding experience and a most entertaining discussion about his riding exploits. I cannot assist with any other information.