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As you know a wide range of IBA branded pins, patches, widgets and clothing is available for sale to IBA members - that means you.

How often do you consider buying some IBA merchandise and what sort of motivations do you have for not buying it? Are we all fed up looking like adverts for the IBA every time we meet at an RTE? Would you rather we all turned up anonymously or perhaps wearing luminous pink lumberjack shirts?

Christmas is coming, perhaps all your relatives need woolly hats or winter scarves.

Polite thoughts below please.

Kim Leeson

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I witnessed a runway fashion show in St Dizzy, France last weekend where some new IBA technical gear was parading down the catwalk...very nice, and available in different colours the model said...she was bit suspect tho, and not the normal svelt model you'd expect!
Not sure how soon it will be on offer mind you...:rolleyes:


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What the ....
Personalised cat walk , slim size's , physical abuse, suspect model, . You will get what ya feckin given and like it :eek:.
This is not Sparks and Mincers, part of the appeal is derogatory comments , violent and abusive service with unmatched late delivery if at all.
When I say unmatched service I mean ( nobody is as bad ! )
On to the news....
There will soon be a new range of IBA rider apparel ( well.. one top ) available as mentioned In a galaxy of fashionable colours to suit everyone's budget .
Once available I will present our selected model wearing said new garment in our all new Forum retail outlet ,watch this space for your discerning approval.
Feel free to order in the certainty of late delivery ,wrong colour and or size , or entirely wrong garment altogether, along with a verbal slap for not ordering more.
In answer to the many questions as to our Christmas opening hours .....When we fekin feel like it.. :D:D:D

Yours John Cunniffe Head of European Retail Operations
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HERO ... i used to be Global Logistics Operations Manager but that came out as GLOM ....... maybe not so good ?.
So I promoted myself to HERO .....much better ...rolls of the tongue .
I just need a Generalismo Jacket now with big epaulettes and i'm sorted. Anyone have one ?