Inaugural Muster - Parkes Accommodation


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To my fellow IBA members,
Such is my desire to attend the Parkes Muster I've already booked accommodation at

Reseaching online showed that the motel was close to the meet location but Wotif wanted a $4 premium and the motel's online form where I was to enter my credit card details didn't display https nor the padlock that shows the connection and hence my details are encrypted, so I telephoned instead.

I was greeted by a cheery Belinda and once the booking was made I mentioned that there might be a few more booking in. Belinda ask what the occasion was for. Thinking discretion was the way to go I said my lips were sealed but informed her that Parkes was the chosen location for this inaugural meet.
She then proceed to give a 10% discount not only to myself but offered it to anyone booking in for the "inaugural meet" 2nd July 2016.

So I not only saved the Wotif premium but also by not using the motel's online booking form scored a group discount and found Belinda to be very, shall we say, accommodating. I'll take all that as a good omen for the muster!
Henry Parkes Motor Inn: 02 6862 4644


Good one! Wish I could be there for the first one. But we will be riding in Butt Lite VIII in the USA. Pity.
Is Mike Kneebone coming out?


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Booked a Twin room, so if anyone needs a bed we can do a deal.
Belinda cracked up when she twigged we were riders. I don't know how she pieced that together, but after all these bookings she has no doubt been accumulating evidence. I assured her we (well, not all of us) are harmless bikers, not outlaws.


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So spoke to Belinda this morning and have the room booked for Tory and I. The route is already planned and apart from the fact its gonna be freezing Cold... Lets RIDE !!!

Note to self and anyone else going here no undercover parking...... take a bike cover if wet.
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Room booked!
Had a chat with the lovely Belinda, still struggling with the terms bikies vs bikers.
I hope she understands the difference now.... :D


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:) Holidays booked, Accommodation booked, roll on July!

:eek: Shocked Belinda when I told her I was riding over from Perth! :rolleyes::p Then I told her it will take 2 days. I think she might be starting to wonder what kind of wierdo's we are!

If anyone else wants to stay at the same motel, you better get in quick, it is filling fast.


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Room booked.
Belinda is well convinced we are all mad and made a point to let me know ...just in case i wasn't sure of my sanity status.
Should be a fun weekend.

Route planned, new tyres ordered and a service booked in.