International Saddlesore 1000 in the Pacific Northwest

Hi. Even though I've been a member for many years, this is my first post to IBA.
A bit of context: my brother and I completed this Saddlesore ride several years ago, but I waited to post this for reasons that will become apparent when you read the story. Although my brother clearly did complete the ride with me, he didn't get around to submitting the paperwork before he came down with leukemia; this is my way of ensuring his accomplishment isn't forgotten.
Anyway, I hope you like the ride report (there should be a pdf attached - let me know if there isn't).
Cheers, Ed



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Nicely done, Ed. I enjoyed your report. It is a great accomplishment. I am sorry for your loss of your brother. But, I am glad that you were able to share this time before Mike left you. You are
a good brother to post this tribute.


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Nice riding story and specially for the time spend with your brother! "We have all day, we have all evening, we have all night...", sounds familiar to me. I did my first SS1K (Jan 2014) with my daughter (14) and visited many places that were important for us. Started in Phoenix, AZ, I8 west through Yuma, AZ and corner in San Diego. We had breakfast (we have all day). North to Newport Beach (another important photo stop) and HWY 1 north to LA. Photo stop, pit stop and lunch (It's only midday, we have all day). Turn around was in Santa Barbara, visited the pier, photos (we have all evening) and back south to Ventura, CA. Visited with a friend, he has a daughter the same age. Sunset photo. We have lots of time to get back, we have all night. For whatever reason I had a 5-6 hour time from LA to PHX, not true. Off we go with very little time to spare. Daughter was tired. She turned 15 somewhere along I10 either in CA or AZ. We did our 1,095 miles in 23:20 and I still remember this as it was yesterday.
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