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There is an interesting YouTube series by Long Haul Paul, who has MS and is in the process of riding 1,000,000 miles to raise money for a cure, he has ridden 300k on a pair of Super Tens, 100k on a Yam 1900 V-Twin and now is charging ahead with a Tenere 700 that he did 1200 miles on his first ride (

and has equipped for LD riding (

Seems to be a nice bike for punching out some serious miles.
None in stock cheeky git still took my money and it turned up a month later, having said that good quality components and simple to fit.


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Regulations for bike manufacturers state that the rear mudguard/number plate must be the furthest thing back and further out than the vertical plane of the tyre. These regs do not apply in Construction & Use, so owners can adapt accordingly.
Just replaced the crap OEM hand guards with Bark busters From Rugged roads,
Bored now waiting for this currant lockdown to ease.

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I'm a big fan of Enduristan, their bags (including all their Tank Bags) are waterproof, no fussing with rain covers. I also like SW-Motech bags as well, but not being waterproof lets them down.