It's done (almost)

Last Saturday 27th March actually got the bike out of the garage to get some warranty work done at the main dealers and went for a ride around first:D
What a feckin mess wobbling about, missing gear changes, wrong lines through corners, lack of forward observation:eek::eek:
After about 30 minutes eqlibrium slowly returned the rest of the day was just pleasure,
fitted a set of bark busters hand guards 100% better wind protection than the crap OEM offering.
Just ordered a Innovv K3 camera system might do some photo's of the install
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Peter Perfect

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Last ...wobbling about, missing gear changes, wrong lines through corners, lack of forward observation:eek::eek:
After about 30 minutes eqlibrium slowly returned the rest of the day was just pleasure,

Just ordered a Innovv K3 camera system might do some photo's of the install
I know the feeling...!! I've managed to press the wrong button on mine (Moto Guzzi California Custom) and switched off the Traction Control altogether..!! Previous bikes haven't had it, but with the personal rustiness I'd rather have it than not.

I'm thinking of an Innov.., are you installing it yourself?
That's the K3 system installed
From left to right front and rear camera's, DVR unit, GPS antenna, remote control, above them microphone
also not shown the power supply unit.
all that lot less the camera,s will fit in here :eek:
rear camera
front camera, not sure i like where it is might have a rethink on that
The DVR is under the seat bar to the right of the fuze block The PSU is below the fuze block under the sub frame tube.
PSU in location
Remote control on the left of the cockpit
the GPS antenna on the right side of the cockpit the little square black box slightly off focus.
More experience as the miles mount up i've had from 58-72 MPG and if you keep it to 4500-5000 RPM (65-70MPH) the lower figure comes from making progress at dark o'clock on the RBLR 1000;)
Anyhoo bike goes in for the 6000 service next Monday and they are replacing the 15 tooth gearbox sprocket with a 16 tooth that will improve the MPG figures and will reduce the revs by 500 across the range this is advice from the T7 forum.
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I love bike specific forums, Triumph Trophy has a brilliant one with a couple of contributors whom I am convinced know more about the Trophy than those that built the bikes in the first place.


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Due to a misunderstanding on my part i thought that Yamaha would supply the 16T gearbox sprocket so i finally got a sprocket from Wemoto and the dealer fitted it three weeks ago reduced the revs by approx. 500 rpm this makes it much nicer to ride this has improved the fuel consumption 65 MPG at motorway pace 70 MPG on A/B roads.
I replaced the OEM Pirelli Scorpion which are good tyres plenty of grip in the wet but due to the block tread pattern they feel rough and vibrate and the front is lively on cross banding ie joints in the road surface and white lines due to the 21 inch front wheel a pair of Avon trail masters cured that.

Peter Perfect

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Interesting to watch its progress.., I got the Innovv K3 fitted to my Moto Guzzi California, a few teething problems including 1) camera angle and then 2) one unreadable disk after the Lakeland RTE
Acerbis 23 ltr tank one guy on the T7 forum claims 350 miles on a tank i would by happy with 300
looks good on the bike there is a lockable cap for it which gets rid of the unsightly breather pipe, £329.00 no stock, Rugged roads £365.00 no stock none expected until January 22 might have to pre-order, the search continues.

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My BMW 1200 GSA did 300 miles per tank for around 33ltrs fill up according to this guy on the T7 forum he achieved 350 miles mostly on A/B roads with about 40 miles on motorway, at 300 miles per fill it will be at least 10ltrs less than the GSA @ £1.45 per ltr that is £14.50 per tank full less compared to the GSA.
At £365.00 for the tank around 25 tankful's it should pay for it's self.


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An interesting topic particularly regarding auxiliary or replacement tanks!!!

My previous bike, an NC750X, was good on fuel, but only had a 14.1 litre tank and as soon as you wound it up on the motorway the economy dropped into the high 60's mpg..... not bad, but not good with a small tank!

I found a supplier of aux tanks and bought a 10 litre, or 2.2 imperial gallon tank from them and then had a company make me a mounting for it in order to fit it where the rear seat goes..... all well except of course the main tank is under the seat and the filler is just behind the rider seat under the rear seat....
My target was 350 miles at least, of available fuel and the final solution made that possible, actually it made the range for non IBA rides over 400 miles.....

I had only just sorted it all out when I decided that an R1250RT was a better option...... and with a RDL seat, much more comfortable for doing IBA rides..... granted it is an expensive solution, but sometimes you have to scratch that long standing itch to get the bike you have always fancied.


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That's the tank installed it would have been straight forward but it would not fit with the tail tidy so i had to replace the original tail unit. IMG_1357.JPG IMG_1358.JPG
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Went to Salisbury and back on a tank full it uses the aux tank first so the gauge doesn't move until it's used the 5 ltrs main tank holds 16 ltrs total of 21 ltrs 265 miles for 19.44 ltrs, this included 42 miles with the reserve flashing.
from the rear it fits neatly.


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An interesting read, when you re-fuel is that done from the aux tank or do you have to fill the main tank and then the aux tank?