kwaka and Liz's Renmark Muster RR...

jeffrey gebler

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Great ride and report Baz. It was good to catch up with you briefly at the muster. Hope to see you and Liz sometime down here in Lobethal otherwise I hope to see you in September.


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I hope Lynne the pillion didn't wake you Kwaka while resting by the river. :rolleyes:

The Roos are certainly starting to bounce around again, for sure, we have noticed a rise in the numbers close to the road over the last 2 months or so, why? Feed I guess.

You would think those dogs at the Wilcannia BP would be use to bikes by now, must be getting old too, the dogs that is not you guys! :eek:

Thanks for the report Bazz and Liz and congrats making it to the Muster.

Oh, nice job MCing on the night and I thought the bow tie looked new for the occasion, very fancy.


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Thanks for the report kwaka. And the great job MCing on Saturday night. I saw you snoozing on the grass and resisted the urge to go over and say 'hey, mate, are you OK?'


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Excellent ride report. Don't you just hate it when you stop for a nap and then everything conspires to wake you up !! It was great to catch up with you and Liz again.


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@LTP. Nah, all good. You didn't wake me and yours wasn't the only voice I heard. Enterprise/John was another plus the sounds of bikes and people on the harbourside didn't allow for a very fitful snooze but boy, it sure was comfy.

@SimonB, thanks for that. I think you just might have saved yourself from getting a spray from a cranky kwaka. :)

Cheers everyone and thanks. Glad you've enjoyed the read.


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Late reading this one Baz. Another top report of another top ride. Sincere congratulations to you both once again.
I would have believed you if you told me you were an off duty copper !! :D:D