Last Moonshine Lunch Run 4/13-14


This will be the last year of this ride. The last day to signup for shirts is 3/26 until 1800 hours. I believe that this event is also an IBA event. Normally about 1,900 people show up. In 2017 they set a record of 3,364 showed up! Check pout the links and let's make this the biggest ever!

John Albers
Waukesha, WI
Riding in on Thursday, it is a Curt Gran IBA SS 1000 to the event. Hoping the weather will allow a 15.5 hour 1000 mile trip. Staying in Marshall, should be at Friday lunch and dinner. Depending on weather, an early burger and leave about 10 for Hillbilly Hotdogs in W.V., or hang out till afternoon and maybe head to Tn. for some eagle watching.


Premier Member
I live in St. Louis and plan to ride over early Saturday morning. I was there in 2017 when the record was set. It was a beautiful and warm sunny day so it drew all kinds of bikes. I would sure love to meet up with some other riders either at the store or a hotel if they are staying close just to get introduced to some of the other LD crowd.