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Just received my Spot account renewal and I can’t really justify ~$330/year ($224.98usd) at the moment. Potentially dumb question; Does anyone know if I will lose access to all my trips and tracks on Spotwalla if I let it lapse? I’m assuming not.

Are there any other tracking alternatives besides buying a dedicated GPS unit (I’m currently using a spot3 and MetroView app on an old iphone6). TIA.
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You won't lose any trips in Spotwalla as its not associated with SPOT. As for tracking options that do not rely on mobile phone signal? Have you considered the monthly casual plan? Activate for a month or more at a time when using, deactivate when not using. Also remember you don't need the GEOS Rescue with SPOT, just get a KTI PLB for $259 for emergencies-comes with 10yr battery and you log into AMSAR to update trip details before departure.

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I have had the same situation and cancelled my spot.
I did not loose my trips on Spotwalla.
Spot does now offer a temporary plan that allows you pay by the month and then suspend when not using it. It does have an annual subscription but is somewhat more economical if you do not need it 12 months of the year.
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I cancelled spot for the same reason, spotwalla tracks remain. I use Bubbler light (free) for tracking with no issues
.You need phone reception for constant tracking but it will store at least enough points between servos (towers) across the paddock for people watching to keep an eye on you.