100CCC Attempt - 4 February


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He was undecided as to his finish point and was going to make a decision at the Gutta (or just before) when he left Scarbs,
I suggested Newcastle as my preferred option.
where he is camped ATM is a crappy spot and I almost stopped there on my last trip east but settled on a picnic area about 8k's south on the right, also crappy (too close to the road).

Martin Little

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Just got off the phone to Dan...he's feeling good after a chilly start to Day 4 in Ceduna. He's out on the Barrier Highway nearing Yunta and his plan is to shoot for Brissie..he's got a small buffer of time that he can use for rest stops etc.

In short the man has a plan and he's riding that horse home. Go Dan! My guess on his ETA at the finish in Brisse is 4ish am QLD time


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Caught up with this thread about 1.5 hours ago and work providence allowed me to manage an intercept. Pulled into the Shell servo just as Dan was dismounting, perfect timing.
Found Dan to be a nice lad and was travelling well. He did say he'll "...feel better tomorrow." Commented about rain on the Nullarbor, the cold at Ceduna and no encounters with 'roos so far. All too brief these on the clock chats of course but absolutely fantastic to catch up with one of our "foreign" IBA members here in my little old corner of the universe.



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The "dynamic duo" just happened to find themselves in Cobar with nothing to do. Decided to sit out the heavy rain that was dropping on the town, and lo and behold, who turned up. No guessing there. They are travelling with Dan eastwards to maybe Gilgandra, or thereabouts. Safe riding to them all.