Armistice 1000


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If anyone is still undecided...... If you preregister in the next few weeks you will get the full package including patch when your ride is verified. If you do not register until the last second you may miss out on a patch.
The ride must be started and completed in November 2018 as it commemorates the 100th anniversary of the Armistice.
Enjoy the ride
I am booked in and will be doing the southern rblr1000 route starting at birch Services on the m62 on the 10th with the hope that by the time I get back I will finish my ride doing the Ring of Red ride of respect on the 11th. Good luck to everyone else taking part. Out of curiosity is anyone attempting the rblr 1000 northern routes?
I live in Newcastle so am going to start on the A1 just north of Newcastle and head north to Wick starting at 0500. Hopefully the coldest part of the route can be done in daylight and should be well beyond Edinburgh before rush hour but maybe hitting Glasgow at just the wrong time. The challenge will be not to turn left at Carlisle and do the short 60 miles Home instead of continuing south and across to Leeds then Home I suspect.


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Hi Phil an update on my plan for the Armistice 1000

Attached is the route I’m intending doing from York but not yet sure whether I’ll be going clockwise or anti clockwise

I’ll decide when I know what the weather is like but at the moment I’m thinking of anti clockwise which means I’ll hopefully miss the rush hour round Manchester and Birmingham and going on the M25 late evening again when it’s quieter, or that’s the theory???

The RAC route planner says it’s around 1055 miles so I assume that will be ok?

Again I’m thinking of doing it early in November when hopefully the weather will be better but my daughter in law is due to have a baby on the 4th so that might change, do I need to confirm to you before the day?

Any comments or advice would be appreciated


Hi Brain,
Nice route, but do you have a stop planned between E and F where the road turns right? You might need this to prove that you didn't do a shortcut. It is something I had to bear in mind with my route too. (see1, 6 and 14) . Around Antwerp don't have a stop planned since there is no short cut possible there. Good luck, greetings Paul



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Thanks for your comments and I see what you mean

I’ll make sure I have a stop and check point where you’ve suggested

I think I originally had Hamilton Services but I’ve played about with the route a few times and I’ve missed it off but will certainly add it back before I set off

Again many thanks for looking in detail
not too sure on the timings when you'll hit b'ham but the other week at night the m5 was closed and the divert is M42/M6,
during the day its 30 mph from m5 junc 2 - 1, then there are, what appear to be, endless road works from b'ham to warrington with smart motorway works (not so smart) even on the bike it was hard going as the lanes are narrow