Attempt at 100ccc Insanity Gold - Philmor


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Earlier this year I completed 2 x 50cc's (Sydney-Perth and Perth-Sydney) separated by the day I spent in Perth. Those rides are still to be certified as l still have not lodged the paperwork !!

This time I am hoping to link 2 x 50cc's into a 100ccc.
Can I do it? Time will tell.
While I am going into the ride with some determination I am not blind of the risks and difficulty - hence if I need to pull the pin - then I intend to do that.

The plan is to start the ride early Tuesday morning and see how it goes.

As always I am happy to receive phone calls when I am on the move as I find it creates a heightened awareness which lasts for a few hours.

I had planned to fly under the radar but a well known FarRider/IBA 2-up riding couple (who shall remain nameless, oh well, FM & LTP) put their Beagle noses to the ground and sniffed out the rat. After a couple of txt msgs and phone calls I felt as though I was in the confessional booth extolling the sins of my LD riding plans.
I have my witness requirements under control so I don't need to drag people out in the middle of the night.

So let's see how it goes and I plan to put up a (succeeded or failed) RR within a week or 2 of getting home.

I am happy to share my SpotWalla link for the ride which goes live from 1am Tuesday morning.


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Good luck Phil, stay focussed and ride your plan mate. It looks like you have thought it through and if necessary have fall back plans in place, excellent planning but my money is on the job lot!

It is a fantastic route and I will be watching and visualising the ride with you.

Enjoy the ride and savour the experience :)


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If I were a betting man, I'd say two into one will go. watching as always Phil. Sorry I won't be waving you off, just got home this afternoon after meeting [with FM & LTP] Wendy close to Horsham this morning. A very tired, but extremely happy young lady after completing her 50cc from Darwin to Melbourne on her way to the OZSTOC gathering at Wooli. She resting at Chateau Morris as I type.


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You thought you would be able to go "under the radar" hey... You should know that Lynne the Pillion's big antennas would have picked up on that..

All the best with your ride Philmor... Good surf in Scarborough I hear??


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Past Kimba in good time, should make his fuel window in Wudinna and over half way for the day and he's got a few hours riding left. Good stuff.