Attempt at 100ccc Insanity Gold - Philmor


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Just off the phone with Phil 5 minutes ago. He had just passed the old Yalata Roadhouse. A little bit of wind off the ocean leaving Border Village but it has died down now he's in the treeline. He has really enjoyed the day remarking that the temperature had been perfect at 22 - 25 degrees. He should arrive at Ceduna at 12.45 AM [Melb. time] for 4 hours sleep. Then as he put it, "all I've got to do is a SS2000 back to Coogee in 24 hours, and if I can't do that then I shouldn't be out here".
He appreciated my call and is looking forward to another in the morning. He's good and so is the bike.

Ride carefully Phil.


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I spoke with Phil at 10.35 am. He was south of Port Augusta and headed for his next fuel stop at Renmark. All good with him, but he had reduced the roo population by one between Ceduna and Wudinna this morning. A front hit, damaging his Darla running lights and a little plastic as he rode over it. No problems with the bikes tracking or breaking so it hasn't slowed him down. At the time of our phone call he had 1523 kms. in 14 hours to do. I can't be in Sydney to welcome him back, but I'm sure he will be met by someone prior to Coogee. All the best Phil.

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I drove thru Sydney earlier tonight, usual Friday night traffic chaos but M 5 was working with no notifications for closure of the east bound tunnel.(just the usual roadworks near the tunnel entrance).

Should be good at 3am when Phil rides thru.