Attempt at 100ccc Insanity Gold - Philmor


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What a great adventure - It was great fun watching your progress . . . especially the part where I got to go to bed at a reasonable hour :)

Well done and congratulations on completing this classic ride.


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Hi All

Please accept my apologies for not having responded to your posts over the past week.

I finally arrived home last night after a recovery day in Sydney and taking the long, slow road south.

This 100ccc was the toughest ride for me to get over the finish line, mostly due to limited sleep leading into the ride. A roo strike 180 kms east of Ceduna, SA (in the pre-dawn darkness on Friday morning) was a little off putting but luckily despite damage to the front of the bike, I managed to get home.

I really enjoyed the ride across Australia, especially those open spaces from Port Augusta, SA to Norseman, WA.

I ended up doing 9,905 kms from home back to home of which 7,865 bike kms were on the clock, plus 20 or more kms according to Mr Google.

I will see if I can add some better responses over the next few days.



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Well done on the ride Philmor it was fun watching your Spot. Sorry to hear of the Roo hit and the damage it caused.

Lynne the Pillion and I had fun intercepting you at Gumley Gumley on Friday night, always good to see you smiling..:)

What's next?