Brit Butt Tour 2019


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So it looks like I may be setting out for a tad earlier for Seans RTE in Wales than originally planned, depending that is on Wullys next update :oops::rolleyes:o_O


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Hi everyone
Firstly I apologise for my mistake on the previous scores.
I have corrected them if you have an issue i apologise please email me.
Once again sorry.

1 Gordon Sears 63
2 Martin Harries 35
3 Jon Parsell 7
4 Kim Leeson 81
5 Sean Sowley 15
6 Michael Smith 66
7 Wulstan Melling 1
8 Pete Brown 0
9 Daz Dilkes 0
10 Bob Badger 45
11 Nina Ferrand 7
12 John Cunniffe 0
13 Andrew Bish 11
14 Graham Lindley 0
15 Peter Howe 20
45 Martin Buck 12
16 Robert Higgs 11
17 Alexander Bentley 23
18 Lee Edwards 5
19 Darren Forster 10


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Another nice weekend ride around the north.

there were no flags flying at 69 so i took a pic of the nameplate as well


A few more photo's added to my album. 2019 Brit Butt Tour
I make it 34 landmarks so far, well on target for 50 this year.
Rode down to Cornwall end of last week .... really windy down there.
Doing NRR next weekend so might pick up one or two landmarks on route.


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Here are my latest photos.

Canterbury was difficult with street markets and temporary road closures it took me ages to find a location to get a decent picture.

I am doing 3 competitions this year Brit Butt Tour, Round Britain rally and TMBF Challenge.

I put the wrong flag on my scooter for Canterbury it has my name and year but not the correct entry number.

I hope its ok it’s a 400 mile round trip on motorways if I have to go back as I am hoping for an “all rounder” this year


Hi Mike .... I also carry 3 plaques around for RBR, BBT & UkBikers summer challenge. My fear is getting home to sort out photo's and find I have used the wrong plaque. Hasn't happened yet but its bound to sooner or later.. Best of luck with your awards. Regards Pete
Hi Mike and Pete......snap, I'm going to Scotland tomorrow for 3 days to do RBR and BBT LM's north of Edinburgh/Glasgow.
Ride Safe
Regards Bob
Added a few more landmarks during the BBL2019 weekend - if anyone is going to New York over the next few days the road is completely closed through the village (and it's a lengthy diversion to get around it). Stood there and watched the RAF playing with their Eurofighters overhead, too (at least that's what I think they were, aircraft recognition not my forte!).
All the best,