Brit Butt Tour 2020


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Had the ride planned for some time, just waiting for restrictions to lift. One or two of us did the bonuses on the South coast, then an E2E Gold, followed by a visit to the Orkney Islands, and the NC500 to pick up bonuses. Some of the others also finished the rest of the Scottish bonuses. For them 10 days and 30+ BBT locations.:eek:
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Well done Holly. Planning, Navigating, re-planning and keeping Dad in check.

Good to see the bonuses on the West Coast didn't disrupt your ride to much.

Daz and Holly, welcome to the finishers club, see you at a ride to eat soon, or on the BBT next year
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I did my last five in Scotland, most single track roads I’ve been on in one day!



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Been for a couple of rides.
2 Clubs - Dungeness Lighthouse.JPG
2 Clubs - Dungeness Lighthouse

Ace Clubs - Belle Tout Lighthouse.JPG
Ace of Clubs - Belle Tout Lighthouse

4 Diamonds - Levisham Station.JPG
4 Diamonds - Levisham Station

3 Clubs - Lindisfarne Priory.JPG
3 Clubs - Lindisfarne Priory

Ace Hearts - Corsewell Lighthouse.JPG
Ace of Hearts - Corsewell Lighthouse

Ace Diamonds - Mull of Galloway Lighthouse.JPG
Ace of Diamonds - Mull of Galloway Lighthouse

4 Hearts - Horton-in-Ribblesdale Station.JPG
4 Hearts - Horton-in-Ribblesdale station