Game Of Thrones - Battle of the 7 Kingdoms Rally - Begins June 21st - Winter Is Coming..GOT General Chat Thread

Lord Petyr Baelish has posted one bonus photo on the GOT Bonus Threaf, but no other warriors have posted their bonus pics thus far. High Sparrow (Gatey) set forth on his Quest - he is a dastardly character indeed and all should tremble in their boots now that he has joined in the battle. Your Khaleesi is indeed proud of her warriors. Be sure to read Royal Proclamation #2. Surely more will follow.
It is never too late for any warriors to join in the fray whilst the battle is in play. More warriors should join in to help their kingdoms along. Welcome Varys. This makes Your Khaleesi very happy Indeed for Varys is ever loyal to the House of Targaryen, even whilst fighting for House Martell. House Martell will be celebrating your addition with ale. Me thinks wenches may be of no use whatsoever to Varys, due to his unfortunate personal situation. If you are a GOT fan you will understand my meaning.
Your Khaleesi has been pondering more proclamations and reflects on her own two completed IBRs. She has been watching how very close in proximity to each other the bonuses gathered so far have been and she contemplates the values generally associated with bonuses that are that close. Surely the greater points are generally rewarded when bonuses are gathered further afield from one another? You may not think it matters now, but it may very well do so as this battle progresses. Planning and strategy for what may or may not come will surely come into play. Think on that as you go about gathering your bonuses, for perhaps they may become useful future cannon fodder.....


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Maestor Aemon is a conjurer of the the arts of learning. An educator. He has grown a vast and loyal flock across decades and these have grown up to become troopers. Strong and smart they are and he has their loyalty. House Stark and that Eddard fellow are to be watched closely.
Wild Dogs and a flock of sheep.
High Sparrow saw the attack. But Eddards house lost a hound this evening.
Perhaps Maestor Aemon saw this to and took a Dragon...or a fish
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