Game Of Thrones - Battle of the 7 Kingdoms Rally - Begins June 21st - Winter Is Coming..GOT General Chat Thread

Remember to familiarise yourselves with the Rules of Battle on the Rules Thread, particularly these -

  1. Before beginning points gathering, you must make a copy of your kingdom’s standard, and this shall be your rally flag - see these in the general GOT General chat thread
  2. Before beginning points gathering, you must take a photo of your bike with the rally flag, your Speedo clearly showing your starting klms and your rally flag, and a picture of yourself with your rally flag, and all of these must be posted on the GOT Bonus Thread. If you change your bike during the rally, each time you do so you must repeat this process and post to the GOT Bonus thread.
  3. All bonus photos must clearly show your rally flag - no flag, no points
  4. All bonus photos should only be posted on the GOT Bonus Thread to be counted
My trusty Ser Jorah Mormont shall be the gatherer and scribe of all start and finish speedos and all bonus points claimed.......and perhaps lost..... in battle. Be brave IBA warriors, for you fight for your kingdoms!
Ser Jorah Mormont
For your Tally Board

Leader Board

1. SA - House Tyrell - Mace Tyrell (Jeffrey Gebler)= 700 points for your Kingdom

2. QLD- House Stark - Eddard Stark (Naughty Bart) = 600 points for your Kingdom

3. NSW - House Lannister - Tywin Lannister (Kwaka) - 500 points for your kingdom

  1. VIC - House Arryn - Ser Bryndon Tully aka Blackfish (Nico) - 400 points for your kingdom
  2. ACT/NT - House Martell - Oberyn Martell (SimonB) - 300 points for your kingdom
These points have been accumulated based on the order of bravery shown by each leader in putting forward their name and standing up for their respective kingdom!
One further thing to add before the battle begins.

For those warriors who may not be in the great Realm of Westeros at any time during the battle, should they ride around another realm in another country altogether during the time of the GOT Rally and gather Bonuses relating to this rally, those bonuses shall be deemed to belong to the House and Kingdom for which they play and the same amount of points shall apply to those bonuses as would apply as if they were gathered in their home kingdom.

So Tormund Giantbane (Drain) and any others who see fit to traverse other territories, take note, your efforts for bonus gathering will be worthwhile for your kingdom.
my avatar is changed, all my visage needs is a really big bruise to improve it a bit. my steed in the usa is nearing repairs time, on the morrow of the next day i fly to it to begin the thrashing in chase of the points from all points..
On your down time over there, take some wolf likenesses - be sure to keep abreast of the Royal Proclamations in the GOT Bonus Thread. Good luck!
It would seem that House Stark is keen to attack, with their leader Eddard Stark showing the way by example. Up at 4:38am to begin the battle cry, it shall be interesting to see what great spoils of war he retrieves. To watch his prowess and that of the other warriors in this battle, watch the GOT Bonus Thread. If you are standing on the sidelines, you can join in this battle any time you so choose! Tallyho. The Game has begun.
Our warriors have begun the battle. Eddard Stark (Naughty Bart) was the first Leader to get underway by posting his start photos. He is setting the pace for House Stark. He was closely followed by Lord Petyr Baelish (Knave) who is fighting for House Lannister and has actually posted his first Bonus in the GOT Bonus Thread. Blackfish (Nico) is not dragging the chain either. Fighting as the leader for House Arryn, we can’t wait to see what he gets up to. Well done IBA warriors.
If you want to check their progress, watch the GOT Bonus Thread.
Take note Fine warriors - my most loyal attaché, and Hand to the Queen, Ser Jorah Mormont, is recording the spoils of war in a new GOT Spoils of War Thread.
This is the place where all verified bonuses shall be stored, as a useful reference for our warriors as the war progresses.
It would seem that House Stark May gain an easy 2000 points if Tormund Giantbane is successful in completing the Iron Butt Lite being held in Lexington, Kentucky in 8 days time. Perhaps one of the other leaders should try to recruit Kiwi into their midst before the event begins, for surely there are points to be had there that may go begging. You are at war and it shall be the mighty that succeed.
And what of those two kingdoms who put forward not a single warrior to fight for them in this great quest? You should look to another Royal Proclamation which shall appear sometime after 6:00pm tonight!