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Interested in doing a 100CCC? March 2017

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Martin Little, Jan 9, 2017.

  1. Martin Little

    Martin Little Premier Member

    I will be departing Coogee on Friday 10th March in the early hours for Scarborough (return to Coogee) in an attempt on a 100 CCC. Also attempting the 100 CCC will be Rob MacPherson, Vlad, Olaf Moon, David Rolfe and maybe Karl (Skiddoo) pending on how good he's been at work and can get the time off.

    If you are interested please let me know.

    Will post Spotwalla links closer to the time
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  2. OX-34

    OX-34 Premier Member IBR Finisher

    That will be quite a spectacle.

    I won't be riding this one, but I'll be at Coogee Beach for the send-off.
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  3. IBA-Tiger

    IBA-Tiger Active Member

    I'll be there to 'sign you out'!
    Just let us know the time.
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  4. Skidoo

    Skidoo Administrator

    Great stuff Martin and thanks for arranging the pilgrimage. There certainly is a well worn path along the East/West route :D
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  5. Brookester

    Brookester Premier Member

    Great to see you warming up for July...now all you need is for OX to print you a flag, give you a list of photos to take (some with time constraints), mandatory rest bonuses and you should be good to get in some practice...:D :p :D
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  6. OX-34

    OX-34 Premier Member IBR Finisher

    Good thinking Brookester. As a bonus Martin already has the flag I had printed for him.
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  7. Martin Little

    Martin Little Premier Member

    Brookester, funny you should say that about Ox printing a flag, he's already done that and I have my IBA Flag (# 57 942) ready to go.
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  8. Ziggy

    Ziggy Premier Member

    Let's hope they start a little bit earlier than July Brooke .... The IBR 2017 starts towards the end of June ...:) Or is the challenge to skip the 1st Leg to give the other riders a chance ...
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  9. IBA-Tiger

    IBA-Tiger Active Member

    And.... after July, (hopefully) you'll need a new IBA Australia Rally Flag - with a three-digit number!
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  10. Grey Gentry

    Grey Gentry Premier Member

    Oh what fun!
  11. Brookester

    Brookester Premier Member

    Thats how these "Top Dawg" Aussies role Ziggy...you should know that :D:D:D
  12. Oh dear will have to keep an eye on this :rolleyes: the intercept team will need to check their diary!! :D
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  13. John negus

    John negus Well-Known Member

    Hi All..I will tag along if it's OK with everyone but will make it the start of a SS 1600 and will peel off at the appropriate time to return..Cheers and yippee. .Jn
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  14. Tele

    Tele Well-Known Member

    Well, as luck would have it I'm working on that day .... start around 05:00 in Newcastle, so maybe I can make the sign off party if I can get back to work by the start time. See how it goes when the final plans are in place.

    Sounds and awesome adventure Martin (and friends!) :)
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