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Martin Little

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Hi Everyone,
I am Joymor and I now have my own IBA number. I received it for a SS1000 mile ride, as pillion, I did with Philmor in Texas USA last September.
It took Philmor far too long to lodge our ride application :(
I plan to do the occasional IBA ride with Philmor here in Australia and hope to see you on the road sometime.
Great to see you on the Forum & welcome!


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Good on you and welcome. Congratulations on your IBA number.
Now you’re going to have to start looking around for a reliable pilot instead of that no good one you have now. I can imagine how slow he rides if it takes him that’s long to just do the paperwork. Haha.
All the best and safe travels


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Maybe Cuddles was right with how tardy Philmor is, but he sure knows how to punt his Beemer. Very well done on your new number. I'm sure we'll see you on a lot more loooooooooooonger rides in the future. Cheers.


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Welcome Joymor!
I've already seen you at a few ride destinations, so we know your pilot can do a reasonable job.
Keep him pointed in the right direction and it will be a joy to see you at more, I mean ... mor, ummm ...... you know what I mean...