In-state SaddleSore 1000 Routes

Planning a route with the following characteristics:
Does not leave the state of Virginia
Beginning and ending in Virginia Beach, Va
Runs along US 58
Can be safely completed in under 2o hrs


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Wow...just checked to see how many have been done in Virginia, just for a point of reference. I know that there's a little over 100 listed for my state (AZ)

438?! ...and 382 of those happened the same day on the same ride?! "REDWING 19 - 382 Finishers - World Record Group SaddleSore ride AND world in-state record!" May 16, 2009!

After a moment of Internet sleuthing, brief details about the ride can be found here:

I'm sure someone will remember the route if you wish to retrace their route for your ride.


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That's just it. Those that have actually done an in-state ride - if they don't publish the route (either the old forum or in the archives of the LDRiders list is where I'd start), it's homework that you need to do in order to develop a route that lives up to the spirit of the ride. :D

The comment I made above in reply to Roger's query...with 382 successful on that ride in VA, someone *had* to have published what the route was. Doesn't make certifying the ride any easier, but it's a well-known route.

Fortunately, here in AZ, there's several viable candidate routes to achieve >1000 miles. Having conversed with someone that's done the ride, and having a LOT of miles in the state myself, for me, it's a simple puzzle to construct. "Plan the Ride, then Ride the Plan!"


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The "Plan the Ride, then Ride the Plan!" part of this association is a good part of the enjoyment - especially for those that may be spending the next few weeks not being able to ride, due to the current season.

** I have yet to do this ride **, but one plan here in AZ would be something like:

So, once a ride is planned, then ridden, it might be nice to have the homework all consolidated in one place - like this thread as an example.

Even better, if a short ride report is written that explains the 'why you did what you did' part of the story for others to learn from.


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I did an SS1000 all in my home state of Minnesota this past Memorial day. I did have to change my route a little from the original plan, but I still managed to accomplish the ride. Planning my rides is half the fun!!
I agree with Ken and BigDaddy. The planning is half the fun. I've completed 2 instate rides so far (AZ and NM). It was easy to plan 1,000 mile loops in both cases. The only added challenge for me was planning documented stops to show I didn't leave the state to use a shorter route. Although it would be nice to share instate routes, I think I'd want the challenge of figuring out a route for myself.


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I have a 3 day plan for this coming summer for three in-states back to back... TX, NM, CO. Anyone else done back to back in-state SaddleSores?

I agree with you guys. A lot of the enjoyment for me comes from working up a route for me that I like.
So far I've done five (OR, CA, NV, UT, and NM) in state rides, varying from boring (CA), a big circle (OR), a funky star pattern (UT), and downright squiggly (NV). The fun part for me is not only figuring out how to squeeze 1000 miles in the state but also find where the gas stations are and if they are open (*twitches at the thought of OR's closed stations*).

I just like the pin collection I'm building. Gotta get them all. :D
A new Oregon State law will allow gas stations in counties with populations of 40,000 or less to permit customers to pump their own gas when an attendant isn’t present from 6 p.m. to 6 a.m. There may be other restrictions, but adds flexibility to your route planning.
I agree with many of the above replies, putting the plan together is a good time itself. I did a MN in-state in October last year and the plan came together surprisingly easily. Google maps does a pretty decent job of helping the process along. Doing the plan yourself also leaves you well versed with the details, which may come in handy out on the road. Plan it, ride it, enjoy it.


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I'm working on a in state Indiana ride, if Indiana could have the speed limit that Texas has it would be easier to do.
Not familiar with Indiana but high speed limits are not required, did first SS1K-AZ in southern AZ, over 90% of the miles on 2 lane roads with 55-65 mph limits, 25 stops to prove the route. I use this ride to improve gas stop times, to better plan and to ride my plan. Second and third SS1K-AZ and SS1K-NM during Tof Honor ride back to back. Some interstate but lots of 2 lane roads, mountain pass, city traffic...
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Last year I rode the Tour Of Honor route through Virginia as a SS1000 Extreme (all 7 stops). I regret that I chose to take a short route through West Virginia rather than completing the ride completely within the confines of Virginia. Here's the route that I did. NOTE: It avoids US 58 as it is not suitable for sustained mile eating, however, it is quite scenic.


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I have a 3 day plan for this coming summer for three in-states back to back... TX, NM, CO. Anyone else done back to back in-state SaddleSores?
Greetings, Chris ...

The answer is YES! In June, 2008, Carl Stark (IBA #339) from WY, completed 10 Back-to-Back In-State SaddleSores in 10 days. He conquered the states of WY, MT, ND, SD, NE, CO, NM, AZ, NV, and ID.
And also in June, 2008, Idahoan Michael Boge (IBA #336) rode 7,113 miles in completing seven Back-to-Back In-State SaddleSores in seven days. His states included WY, MT, ND, SD, NE, CO and, NM.

Another remarkable achievement, in July, 2007, by Dale Wilson (IBA #104) was seven consecutive BBGs in just under seven days (6 days, 23:28), covering 10,636 miles. According to the Certified IBA Rides page, two other riders (in 2014 & 2015) earned the BBG Gold Quattro, which is four Back-to-Back BBGs. That page also lists 18 finishers of the BBG Gold Trifecta, three Back-to-Back BBGs, in various years from 2004 to 2015, with mileages ranging from 4,512 to 4,933.

With your experience, I'm confident that you can complete your planned Back-to-Back-to-Back ride (or more).

Regards ... Dave
I have a 3 day plan for this coming summer for three in-states back to back... TX, NM, CO. Anyone else done back to back in-state SaddleSores?

I agree with you guys. A lot of the enjoyment for me comes from working up a route for me that I like.
How cool would it be to stay somewhere near the Four Corners, such as Cortez, and do 4 In State SS's and see some beautiful scenery while at it.