100CCC - October 2019 Attempt.

Sutton Forest has twin servos, so northbound one is the natural place.

We may mosey on 50 km farther south from Pheasants then. I hope they have those cheap bananas, I don't want to waste the trip...
OX I would have thought he'd have stopped at the Coles / Shell on the north side (left side) back in Pt Augusta a bit ago, but apparently he crossed the road and stopped on the opposite side.


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It has been a couple of good days tagging along with Ron out to Perth and back.
Good to get on the tenere again though I missing the comfort, warmth and quietness of the Gold Wing.
Must be back to work tomorrow (Thursday) at midday so will leave Ron continue on his own somewhere after port Augusta.
Looking forward to watching the rest of his ride unfold from the comfort of my kitchen.
Great work Jeffrey! I'm sure Ron appreciated the company through the long, remote stretches.
Just a couple of easy days out and about to Perth and back... ;)
Excellent riding Ron, great preparation and execution!
Enjoy the final stages.