100CCC - October 2019 Attempt.


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Ron came down the hill just after I posted the above. I rode with him for about 15km then turned for home to be a slightly less irresponsible parent. Russ, Glen and Simon had plans for riding further, possibly handing over to the Sydney crowd at Sutton forest.
Looking good, Ron. Keep it going!


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Here are some piccies
Rebecca looking on

Rebecca looks on.jpg

Ron is doing some paperwork

Ron doing paperwork.jpg

Ron arrives at Sutton Forest

Ron arrived at Sutton Forest.jpg

The crowd at Coogee

Bikes at Coodgee.jpg

Ox has a new bike - again !!

Ox's bike.jpg

Enterprise looking on

The crowd.jpg

Ron explained why he did the ride :p:p:p

At the end.jpg

Bikes waiting at Sutton Forest to escort Ron into Sydney

Bikes waiting 2.jpg

Another angle - Tabledrain came from the Goldcoast to check on us that we would "do-the'right-thing" by Ron.

Bikes waiting.jpg



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Congratulations on your 100cc Ron, a beautifully executed ride. :)
And you did that last 850 kms from Balranald to Coogee in just over 9 hours, a powerful finish to a huge ride.

It is great to see the support from the Aussie long distance riding community throughout the length and breadth of Australia.
A BIG Congratulations GG, you've been wanting to tick this off the to do list for a while, now you have.

I'm sure there will be a well earned Red waiting for you at Orange ;)

And again I must say it is so great to see the support from fellow riders not only on the forum but also those who couldn't sleep & went for ride to greet Ron. So proud to be part of this fantastic group!

Oh also i believe i saw Pillion Piglet out in the wee early hours, now who said she's not a morning person?