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Why is everyone so stuck on keeping the "Farriders" name?

It's just a name... come up with another name. Problem solved.

This seems like a no-brainer to me. Start a new site, call it something else, spread the word that it's the new "spiritual home" of the old Farriders site.

New home... enthusiastic members... none of the old baggage... no chance of lawsuits... I don't see the problem here. There's clearly a passionate group of enthusiasts in Australia, so what's to stop anyone from just making it happen?
I think it's not so much keeping the name, which by extension is a continuing tribute to Davo's vision but it's the FarRide ledger aka records and the wealth of information contained within the vaults of the forum. On top of that, the time and effort given to post up ride reports (RR) and the plethora of interaction, LD information sharing and tips etc, etc, etc is what we lament losing.

No doubt we all have our own records but, much like the IBA certified records, however the FR website was very convenient to be able see my own FR record and everyone else's in one centralized corner of the internet.

Losing those records in particular, is a real smack in the face!


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Well, I received a reply to my text question from Mr Vaupel. I just asked for an honest answer to an honest question - "is FarRiders finished?"
His reply - "LD riding is mostly over, FRs is definitely over for me. Done it long enough. New owners of AOL Pty Ltd (and FRs) don't inform me about their plans. And I don't ask. Had enough of the tribes (sic) and tribulations."
Make of that what you will.
Be good to go for a ride (or drive or whatever) sometime soon to meet up and have a yack about stuff as a group.
Thanks for the update Walshy. Such a damn shame that the news is so pitiful to say the least...


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Wondering , thinking , would any of the far team , have a USB back up of members and there rides or total distances ?
just a thought ...

if we need to or are forced to run under a new brand .... to stay a or have an Australian typical riding association ... we may have to.
with a roll of the tongue name I’m confident there will be one agreeable to most ..
not sure .... “ it’s just a ..... “ could be used ..

but here is a few random ideas ...
... Another Road “
The Other Road “
A Longer Road “

cheers Roy

do love the constructive thought pattern that is starting to emerge .
discussion is the path
drive time again
stay safe all
Good evening everyone
I have been following the conversations on here with interest. There are people in the background now looking at creating a riding group following on from FarRiders keeping the history and ideals but making a fresh start you could say. In order to do this properly, time is needed. I dont want to go any further but rest assured all comments and ideas have been noted.
This situation does not prevent anyone from getting out there to enjoy the sunshine
Cheers and stay safe.
Wombat in the west


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That's great to hear, Wombat! An alternate(to this one), single venue to discuss and promote local LD riding is an excellent thing, and will hopefully move to prevent further fragmentation of our small community. If it can forge new ground but maintain some of records of the far rider part of LD riding history in this country, all the better.
I look forward to developments as they slowly come.


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G day Wombat . we spoke a week or two prior to BR ride . Couldn’t do it . Much going on in my personal life ..
told Wingman I’d been talking to you . Does speaks nothing but highest respect of you ..
Wombat .. I feel .. whatever comes out of this universal imbalance at this time ..in our world ..
yourself , others in various states , the respect you all have , share , with the work , passion , effort done .
will be a very important part in the future unity in all steps forward . Not individual egos ..
for the passion of what brought all of us here ...
before we knew of ,, anything .. oops F.... R.........
none of us , or few knew .. when we did our first F.... R.......
politics , owner nothing about it ,.
except .one of our ,insane mates , friends or some random said ,, hey have you ever concidered.

point is ... it’s not the politics , the name , brand ..
its about .. the passion and the people ..
ive had a crazy long day .

I know a solution is , will be ..maybe It’s already staring us all in the face .
members like Wombat , Kimmie just to name 2 I know of , in every State , far team people talk

we must truly thank IBA for allowing these very important discussions to be had on their platform .
we truly are grateful .
how else would any positive , progressive forward thinking group intel be .
without IBA .. most of us would in .. emptiness ,
no point bringing anger ,. yes we have all been .. we can’t change that .
however , we have the chance to move on , grow , get stronger, network , hey , that’s how we got here in the first place
Make our prior owner think , what he could have been part of .
its up to every 1197 of us
cheers Roy

Dicky Knee

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I've always felt that what the RTE rides (and other FR activities) provided a 'less stringent' and a somewhat - low key entry level to the world of extending yourself during a planned ride.
Many 'would be' long distance hopefuls baulk at the thought of completing 1600klm in 24hrs.
The design of the RTE ethos from Davo was a great introduction for novices. From that experience, many riders suddenly realised that a SS1600 was actually achievable. And lo'.......... the seed was sown.
I fully endorse (and will support to the best of my ability) any effort to create a a facility that maintains Davo's dream.


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Nicely said Dick Knee .
there are many of us whom can do 1000k , and 1200 k in 24/h .
1610ks ..
I respect , it done it , fact , actually 1805 k in 23/hrs
got home , shattered.
home - Tooleybuc - home .
For safely , mental health or mind set , fuel range of individuals bikes
there needs to be that stepping stone , introductory meet , greet , mentor , advisory guidance ,what ever is needed to give new riders into our world the best possible .. everything .
i ask .. is about us .. or the next generation of long distance riders
cheers Roy


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Please don’t get me wrong .. I hold you 1610 , 1800 , 2000 CC50 , CCC100 . Guys , girls
completely 3 or levels above , what I call blissful insanity .
nothing but total respect .. not sure how , but respectful admiration


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The 3 rules ... we must never forget , WE MUST TAKE FORWARD INTO our next
2) Stay within the laws of the land


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He isn't using it. And despite claiming that he sold it all, the trademarks haven't been transferred.
From memory, he said he sold AOL to JPS, so if a sale did take place the ownership of AOL might change but you would not expect that the trademarks would, because they were owned by AOL, not directly by PV.


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I was looking at the archived FR database last week and noted that 4 records were missing. I think the naughty dozen still appear in the database, but there are no records for FR numbers 232, 297, 324 or 409. Who knows who they were issued to ?
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