IBA Australia Inaugural Muster


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I couldnt make it out to the dish on Sunday for the photo call. I had a lunch invitation so I had an early night and I was out of Parkes before 4am and at home in Melbourne right on the dot of midday. As others have said, thanks to the organising crew for putting it all together. A bit rough around the edges but I'm sure that will improve with experience. Also a great presentation by Shane Cudlin on his IBR attempts. Well done all. I did about 1100km of nighttime travel over the weekend and didn't see a single roo !!


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Home safely at 3.55pm after cool but uneventful trip through some beautiful countryside. Not as cold as Friday morning though! Thanks to the IBA Australia dudes responsible for putting it on, it was great catching up with some folk I haven't seen in ages and a few more familiar faces, plus the folks that I met for the first time, including a hero of mine! We shared a special moment...



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It's alright for some Nev! I had my last roo jump out at me less than 10 kays from home at bloody 2.30 in the arvo! just making sure I was paying attention, I'm sure.

Apart from a good excuse for a ride, I loved the chance to catch up with some faces that I haven't seen for a couple of years and to meet some new ones. Very cool presentation from Shane too - I may have gone all fanboy for just a moment when he handed around the rally flag and other stuff

Thanks heaps to TJ, Karl and all their minions. Outstanding effort all round and an excellent base on which to build future events. This could grow into an unmissable annual gathering. Well done all.


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Thanks IBAoz well done on pulling everything together a job well done!

Home just after sunset on the fading light after some enjoyable roads today.
Punch out some miles on some boring roads to see if I still could and still wanted too.
The urge is still there.............. dreamt of rides bigger than me all the way home.


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Lynne "the pillion" and I arrived home safely. As Philmor said we followed each other from Narrandera down, also saw Nico there fueling up.

We overtook a late model Lamborghini on the Newell which looked a bit out of place.

What a great first event, big thanks to TJ, Skidoo and Alan for a well run first Oz muster.

Thanks Cuddles for an entertaining view of Lady Cuddles and your IBR's.

And young "Nevertire Nic" who made the IBA ride with Uncle OX, well done Nic.


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Ditto to all above- very happy for TJ, Skidoo and Al that it all went so well. Good preparation pays off.
I had to pick up wifey from Canberra airport at 12:30, so didn't risk going north to the Dish before heading SE, possibly in a panicked rush.
We're in Tumut now after and uneventful ride (well, except for getting pinged by the airport parking officer for tarrying on the Arrivals deck of the airport. Seems even motorcycles aren't welcome there for more than a minute or so.
Now I've got the official IBA Oz clobber I'll fix my avatar. ;)


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Our Inaugural Muster, done and dusted!

I would like to thank everyone that attended and made the event memorable, we have an excellent foundation for the next muster.

What a great time was had, it was an entertaining and informative evening. Shane had a captive audience with his IBA rally presentation. Riding two up certainly creates a strong bond between rider and pillion!

The puncture tyre had about fifteen tyre plugs inserted and still had another 25 holes that needed plugging before I use the R15 for another ride.

I would like to thank everyone that jumped in to assist when needed.

The following link allows access to some photos that were taken, if you would prefer not to have specific photos available, please message me and I will remove them.
http://s1378.photobucket.com/user/IBAAustralia/library/2016 Parkes Muster

Hope everyone gets home safely; we had riders attend from Perth to Far North Queensland and peppered everywhere in between. A few of the riders are sightseeing on their way home or attempting other substantial rides.

Thanks again for making this event a success.

Anyone that made orders for items and couldn't attend should have them posted out this Friday.


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Liz and me home safe yesterday arvo and in daylight without any rain or chill factors. Amazing!

The inaugural IBA Australia Parkes Muster is now in the history books and with that very fact, Liz and I broke out the 18yr old whiskey and savoured the moment.
We gave thanks and toasted each and everyone who made the muster possible, like the IBA Australia team, volunteers, supporters, riders, pillions and especially Malcolm, Kimmie, Daisy and Reg, Skidette and Skidoodle. We even allowed ourselves a little bit of self gratification (by adding an extra finger of that fine whiskey) for being there and being part of the IBA Australia history making process. Quite humbling and makes one feel very proud to be part of an event that will never happen again, our very first Muster!

Again I say, well done IBA Australia and indeed, long may we ride!


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Thanks for the report Graham. There is nothing wrong with pulling the pin when it just doesn't feel right to continue, smart riding.

The thing with LD riding is, there is always something to learn from and improve for the next ride.

I saw you at Parkes but didn't get the chance to say hi.

Kimmie and Karl you 2 are legends, top stuff.


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Thanks for sharing Graham, when you get cold things can go bad real fast. I pulled the pin on a ride when I got wet and cold, you did the right thing.

It was great to catch up at Parkes, if though it was briefly.

Always next time mate.