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I had that concern when I did my BBG a few years ago. I planned my route as a double out-and-back. I'll explain a little further.

Since I live in the quad cities in IA (point A), I found that a round trip to Mitchell, SD (point B) and back gave me a SaddleSore route. I then found a route with a turnaround about 250 miles out, in my case, Crawfordsville, IN (point C). So after returning from SD, I could bail at home and still net a SS1K, or (as I did) continue with my plan and bag my BBG1500. So my route went like this: Point A - Point B - Point A - Point C - Point A. I didn't really stop back at the house in the middle, but when I went by, the sun was still up and I knew that I was in good shape. It was quite the security blanket, and I didn't have to spend money on a hotel.

Now to find time to do a 50CC!
I like your plan,I am planning a 50cc and am going to make a ss1000 to San Diego then head to Jacksonville rest a day then a 50cc back or two bb1500 .


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Does the Three Flags Classic count towards mile eater awards?
Since the rides of the Southern California Motorcycle Association are their rides, I would tend to believe that they do NOT count toward IBA Mile Eater awards...unless you combined an IBA ride with SCMA's ride (e.g. submit BB1500 or SS1000 as part of the SCMA ride)

Ira will be by and provide us the definitive response on the subject.


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Good day fellow riders :)

I'm a newbie here, and with IronButt / SaddleSore. Just finnished my first IronButt / SaddleSore 1000 yesterday.

My plan for this summer is to get a Mile Eater, means 2 rides, maybe I can make 3?

But I have a question to the more experienced ones here:
My next trip is a BunBurner. On my way back I have the possibility to take eighter a BB gold or do another BunBurner. If I tak the other BunBurner it will be a Back to Back (within 72 hrs).

My question then is: What has best value in the Mile Eater program? "BunBurner + Bunburner Gold" or "BunBurner Back-to-Back"?


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MacJoJo, if I understand your question correctly, I'd say Bun Burner + Bun Burner Gold would be better.

[I'm going to assume back to back Bun Burners are NOT an extreme ride, if not, it may be a wash. I'd leave that to the wiser to answer.]

Either combo would get you to three IBA rides and qualify you for Mile Eater. But if you want to go for a Mile Eater Bronze or higher level a "Gold" ride gets you closer. For Example a Mile Eater Bronze takes 5 rides, two of which must be Gold or extreme.

So two Bun Burners plus your Saddle Sore gets you three rides. To reach Bronze you'd need two more BOTH of which would have to be Gold or Extreme.

But your Bun Burner and Bun Burner Gold leaves you needing two rides, but only one has to be gold or extreme.

Make sense?
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Value is a tough one.... You're going to be doing some great riding anyway.

I understand that you are planning a 1500M ride in 36 hours as the first leg. That's a BunBurner 1500M. Tick.

Then there are 2 options:

A - Turn around straight away and ride another 1500M in 36 hours. Rather than that being a "back to back" BunBurner 1500M, I would call that a SaddleSore 3000M, a single ride. There isn't a "back to back" BB category for 2 consecutive BunBurners, only the "back to back" for BunBurner GOLD (24 hour) rides. That is called a BunBurner 3000M, a single ride.

B - If instead you turn around and ride the return leg 1500M in 24 hours, however, that would then be a BunBurner GOLD.

So as JAORE says BB1500M + BB1500M GOLD, two rides.

Go for GOLD


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JAORE: Yes, that make sense, thanx :)

OX-34: Thanx for Your clarification.

As I understand a trip greater than 48 hours in duration has same value as gold or insane.

So, if I go for BB1500M + BB1500M GOLD, but can not do it in time, I can still go for the BB3000M, guess that will be better than 2x BB1500M?

I'm not planning any nesting.
My question then is: What has best value in the Mile Eater program? "BunBurner + Bunburner Gold" or "BunBurner Back-to-Back"?
Looking at "The big list" of Rides, I find no BunBurner Back to back, only BunBurner GOLD back to backs. So compared to that (if it´s correct), I´d say that the BunBurner + BunBurner Gold would have the best value, also by the reasons JAORE points out.


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There isn't a "back to back" BB category for 2 consecutive BunBurners, only the "back to back" for BunBurner GOLD (24 hour) rides. .....So as JAORE says BB1500M + BB1500M GOLD.....
Looking at "The big list" of Rides, I find no BunBurner Back to back, only BunBurner GOLD back to backs. So compared to that (if it´s correct), I´d say that the BunBurner + BunBurner Gold would have the best value, also by the reasons JAORE points out.
Is there an echo in here?


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Gentlemen :)

Now I have done my rides.

First of I planned to do a BunBurner Silver. But failed with 3 hrs.

Went very well out from Norway and through Sweden, arrived in Kolding, Denmark, as planned. Problem was, I planned to meet a friend there, and the timing for our meet was not good enough, also he was delayed on his journey. Ending with my planned 4 hrs rest came out to be 6 hrs rest.

Also we missed on a couple of gas stations on our way. I had planned every gas filling, but 2 of the gas stations found on Google Maps was not there any more, took us time to find another for this. Finnished the BunBurner in 33 hrs, well within the time limit of 36 hrs.
My ODO showed a traveled distance of 2533 km, or 1573 Miles

My 2nd trip was the return on the same roads, after what I learned on the way down to Austria I found that it could be possible to do a BunBurner Gold, and I almost did.
Missed on a junction north of Berlin that cost me around 30 minutes. But worst of was my bikes loss of power in Denmark, it took me around 1,5 hrs to get teh bike running again. Still it looked good, it should be possible if I reduced on my gas-filling-breaks, planned 20 minutes stops was reduces to 8 minutes, an at arrival in Jönkjöping, Sweden, it still looked like I could make it according to my dash clock.
Arrived at home, in Brumunddal, Norway, and filled gas at 23 hrs 57 minutes, still according to my dash clock.
But when I checked my recept, I found that I was 32 minutes late, start- and end-receipt show that I spent 24 hrs 32 minutes .
Look like my loss of power in Denmark had altered the time on my Dash Clock.....
My ODO showed a traveled distance of 2466 km, or 1532 Miles

So, I end up with a ordinary BunBurner and a BunBurner Silver. I could maybe also apply for a SaddleSore 3000? Competed the 2 trips in 65 hrs total.

One Question to the more experienced ones here:
Can I sent in my applications now? Or should I wait till I get my fist one approved? I have already sent in my very first IronButt.


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Congratulations MacJoJo. Passing through so many countries must add to the experience.

You can send in your applications now. Because this latest ride you went on did not involve an 'extreme' ride that had any prerequisites, you do not need to have your "very first IronButt" one "approved" before submitting the one you just completed.

Whether you should apply for three certificates for two legs on a single ride............I'll leave that up to you.

...............I'm not planning any nesting.


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Thanx OX-34 :)

Western European countries is normally very easy to travel between, no boarder control. Was a bit surprised when I was stopped between Denmark and Sweden on my way back home, thats the onlu boarder passing I was checked.

And... I see Your point, hehe. I'm not going for any nesting, just not sure if I will go for the two BunBurners OR the SS 3000 Miles (I see my post is not clear on that, sorry).

Probably the 2 BB's will suit me best, on the way up the Mile Eater scale.....

Think my next project will be Scooter 1000 Gold, must be good fun, hehe, and not so many finishers???


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Looking for a scooter, what should I go for?

Yamaha X-Max 250 Look like a good alternative, not to expensive and available as used here in Norway.

Look like the market for scooters from 150 to 300 ccm is very small here.

Honda NSS 300 is a bit more pricey, and the Burgman 200 is maybe to low on power?

Any tip?
Not too many to choose between in my price range.
Think I need a scooter that can make 125-130 km/h on the highway.


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125 to 130km/h? I rode a 1500mile day on my TMax (530cc, so not a 'scooter' for IBA Scooter Insanity purposes). We have an upper legal speed limit of 110km/h on motorways like Norway. I may have drifted up over that a couple of times, but not by much.

MacJoJo you will probably need to practice your stops so that your overall average stays high without the need for such speed. That and pick your roads (and maybe ride in other countries?!?!) to maximise your efficiency.

I did run an auxiliary fuel cell though, which helps if the bike only has a small tank.



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OX-34: Even the speed limits her in Norway, and also Sweden, is 110 - 120, the traffic goes around 130, so I need the speed to keep up.

I’m down to 8-9 minutes on a ordinary gas stop, if everything goes smooth. Problem is if I don’t get receipt or get some other problem and I have to go of the bike, then the time flies.

That is impressive, then you manage your stops very well. What is your range on that one?

I like the look of the Yamaha, and think it will suite the purpose for me.


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My range on the TMax was about 650km at 110.

The set-up was great, but not for your plan if it is for IBA Scooter Insanity rides. Those rides are for sub-300cc scooters and the TMax is 530cc.

I rode a Scooter Insanity ride on a seven year old Piaggio Xevo 250cc scoot for 2200km/24 hours. That bike had a 12litre tank plus I carried 5 litres in the trunk. With better road selection I think that bike would be adequate for 1500miles (2415km) but would struggle to reach 2500km.

As always, an auxiliary fuel cell can assist with time management.