IBA Mile Eater Program - Feed Your Passion!


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Biggest problem with my BMW is the range, 260 -290 km @ 110-120 km/h, down to 200-220 km @ 160 - 180 km/h (no speed limits in Germany on some parts of autobahn).

If I want to go for Golds I need more range. Then I could do them also in Norway/Sweden.

Have to keep looking for the Yamaha X-Max 250


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Today I got my "verification completed" and paid for 2 of my trips,
- 1 SS 1000 (IronButt) with 1,043 miles approved,
- 1 Bun Burner 1500, with 1,533 grueling miles approved.

Just to wait for the patch's and stuff for this. And then I have to apply for the rest of my tours, and for my Mile Eater.

Must say this was processed a lot quicker than expected, documentation was sent July 8th and Jun 14th.

Thank You to Lena at IBA Verification :)
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Question about rides for bronze status. I have 8 certified rides. One is a BBG. Another is a National Parks Master Traveler. Is the National Parks master Traveler enough to count to the 2 gold, extreme or greater than 48 hours w/o time limitation to qualify for bronze? The rest of my rides are SS1ks and a regular BB1500. I think I qualify, just wanted clarification before I turn it in.