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Discussion in 'Mile Eater Program' started by HardTxRider, Dec 28, 2015.

  1. Slasher

    Slasher Premier Member

    There was an Eggsanity 1500 Gold ride. I believe only a few of us who attended the "Tennessee Run For the Hills" Regional rally have it. It was the first time the Eggsanity ride was officially ran. There was a SS1K and a BBG1500 option. After that first ride, the different categories of Eggsanity certification were added so earning a "Gold level" certificate meant riding to a certain number of different breakfast chains but isn't a "Gold" in the true sense of IBA lingo. That being said, I bet if you satisfied the requirements of the Eggsanity ride AND covered 1500 miles in 24 hours or less you would get the certification that I have, which is a true "Gold" level ride and would count towards mile eater status. I will mention it was the closest BBG I ever rode taking something like 23:55 to complete!
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  2. Ziggy

    Ziggy Premier Member

    Ira & Tim how many months behind is the Mile Eater verification process running at the moment ?

    I'm working on this years rides which may have an influence on one of them.

  3. Slasher

    Slasher Premier Member

    Can premiere members submit their Mile Eater application via the Premier online ride verification or do all ME applications have to go through the standard "ibarideapplication@gmail.com"?
  4. mkneebone

    mkneebone Staff Member Premier Member

    Submit those through the


    as the Premier teams do not have the data needed to verify the ride listings.

    Please note, that address is different then the one you have in your posting.
  5. Slasher

    Slasher Premier Member

    Will do Mike, thanks!
  6. OX-34

    OX-34 Premier Member IBR Finisher

    Finished 2016 with a 100CCC in December to get me over the 60 with a buffer. Just this minute submitted a Titanium application.
  7. Ziggy

    Ziggy Premier Member

    Excellent Peter ... Well done.:)

    Always pleased to see your latest rides & reports ...Iv'e fallen behind on my rides this last year & a bit so it's slow going .. Hope to have something in the post soon
  8. OX-34

    OX-34 Premier Member IBR Finisher

    Its always good to catch up with your mad adventures Ziggy.
  9. tj189

    tj189 Administrator

    Nicely done Peter. Look forward to seeing that one!!
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  10. Ziggy

    Ziggy Premier Member

    Well it's been about 6 months now waiting for my 2016 Mile Eater certs and with the changes to the multi day ride verification's things don't seem to be going too well from my side.

    Can't understand the delay ...
  11. OX-34

    OX-34 Premier Member IBR Finisher

    Maybe the IBR build-up may be contributing to the delay Ziggy..........

    Mike is hands-on in both of those high profile IBA endeavours.
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  12. kwthom

    kwthom IBA Member

    I think I've figured it out...

    There are those that reference 'nesting' of rides to build a LD resume. Now, that's great if you're trying to build up that notebook (or in my case, the file folder) of certifications. However, if you're looking for Mile Eater status, well, a bit of a challenge to overcome (for me, anyway). Let's see if I can't help someone else out - using my personal situation as reference:

    I've currently earned, but have yet to apply for Mile Eater Bronze, based on the rides performed. Listed below are the pertinent rides from my resume for the Mile Eater Silver:

    SS1000 (2-up) 10/17/15 1,044
    W2WN (36hr) 10/15/16 1,640
    * SS2000 10/15/16 2,177
    50CC 10/18/16 JAX>SDO
    * BBG 10/18/16 1,517
    * BBG 05/13/17 1,525 NV-BBG

    As you see, I've nested a pair of rides on 10/15/2016 (Why to Whynot and Saddlesore 2000) and I did it again with another pair on 10/18/2016 (BBG in a 50CC Quest)

    In order for me to obtain Mile Eater Silver, I need to ride two additional rides before 10/15/2017

    In the case of the nested rides, I can only claim one of them. I then claim the more 'prestigious' ride for the purposes of the Mile Eater Silver award. I've marked these with the asterisk above.

    Hope this helps someone else.
  13. Wombattle

    Wombattle Well-Known Member

    Quick Question. I've recently had a Dusty Butt certified and the certificate says it earned me "entry into the Dusty Butt 1600K GOLD record book!"
    Is a Dusty Butt considered a GOLD level ride for the purposes of the mileeater numbers?
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  14. tj189

    tj189 Administrator

    Yes, I believe it is Craig
  15. Scott Parish

    Scott Parish Premier Member

    It certainly should be.

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