In-state SaddleSore 1000 Routes

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  1. Rony6ble

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    Not sure if this is an in-state ride, last time I crossed that river got a welcome to sign.

    Google time is 28 hrs and you will need to plan for Portland traffic.
    You will need to shift the average speed from 54 to 63 mph.
  2. Rony6ble

    Rony6ble Premier Member

    If you ride counter-clock you could add several NP's: Tonto National Monument, Rainbow Forest Museum, Walnut Canyon National Monument, and if time allows: Sunset Crater Volcano, Wupatki National Monument.
    Also you have Winslow, Williams and some of the Route 66, The R66 Museum in Kingman.
    This ride shows a lot of what Arizona has to offer, and you can do it in 1 day!
  3. kwthom

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    Been to many of those you listed, but would not necessarily plan a ride with (potential) time drains built-in - just not my style of cert riding...yet. I'm sure there are others that enjoy that challenge; I'm a big believer in the K.I.S.S. method of cert ride planning. What I presented above is but one manner in which to do a in-state SS that would be easy to star and end - particularly for anyone that lives in proximity of the route chosen. There's been dozens that have accomplished this in the Grand Canyon state; I'm sure many routes have been derived that I'm not thinking about.
  4. Rony6ble

    Rony6ble Premier Member

    Loops are great, in part for the reason you mentioned. You can start with a generic loop route and adjust for your specific start/end points.
    In my case, I need a specific goal for each ride. As for now, Tour of Honor, State Routes, National Parks, and the LDS temples.
    Did a BB1500 and visited all County Courthouse in one ride.

    Looking close to your map I went back to some old files and found this made in 03/14/2014. Minor changes between your map and mine: Salt River Canyon (US60 or AZ77) instead of AZ188/87/260 and I made a turn west to Heber and back east to Snowflake. You go south to Yuma and I-8 that makes all sense if returning to Tucson. Otherwise looks identical to me! Let's say that "Great minds think alike".

    Don't know where the original map link is but this is very similar:

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  5. kwthom

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    Playing around with this:

    Take the list of Arizona County Courthouses:

    70 West 3rd South, St Johns, AZ
    100 Quality Hill Rd, Bisbee, AZ
    200 N San Francisco St, Flagstaff, AZ
    1400 E. Ash Street Globe, AZ
    800 Main Street, Safford, AZ
    223 Fifth St Clifton, AZ
    1316 Kofa Ave. Parker, AZ
    125 W. Washington Phoenix, AZ
    401 E. Spring Street, Kingman, AZ
    100 E Carter Dr, Holbrook, AZ
    110 W. Congress St. Tucson, AZ
    971 Jason Lopez Circle, Florence, AZ
    2170 N. Congress Drive Nogales, AZ
    120 South Cortez Street Prescott, AZ
    250 W. 2nd Street Yuma, AZ​

    Dump the list into that link above, then exported to a Google Map. It nearly came up with this:

    I did a single manual edit to stay within the state of AZ, and off of US-191. Looks like a nice BB1500 ride for sure; needs a couple of tweaks to ensure distance, but that's easy to do.

    This looks like a fun toy to mess around with.
  6. Rony6ble

    Rony6ble Premier Member

    Ken, very close to what I did:

    The difference in my ride is that I picked the old buildings in Florence (there is still the first Courthouse there but doesn't look like it so I chose the 2nd Courthouse), Nogales, stopped also in Tombstone, went to Duncan to knock out AZ75, two buildings in Globe (totally ignored the new building). La Paz County Courthouse in Parker is very boring, same in Yuma. Also got a cool cert:

    Arizona Courthouse Insanity
    Alexander Schmidt Phoenix, AZ 03/25/16 Kawasaki Concours 14 1,576 AZ-1500

    Next goal is to do this as a SS1K, of course, not closing the circle. Maybe start in Phoenix and finish in Yuma, that will save me 200 mi. Not sure if I can make it under 24 hours.
    If I take Duncan out, not stopping in Tombstone, US60 may look like slow but not really. There are two border checkpoints in this route but normally stop n' go.
    Total Mileage comes close to 1,334 miles; 8 gas stops and 15 CH stops @ 10 min each = 4 hrs -> 67 mph average, I think it is doable... but not during summer, that will have to wait for September-October.
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  7. Becca

    Becca Premier Member

    Thanks, good info to know. :0)
  8. Rony6ble

    Rony6ble Premier Member

    Window Rock has Chevron and a bunch of fast food that should give you a good receipt. I rode through Window Rock two weeks ago and no problem with receipt.
    In NM is a TEXACO.
    I would call more than one gas station/store before the ride.
  9. John Bechinski

    John Bechinski Premier Member

    I am new to the forum but have completed two SS1000s in Michigan, riding in both peninsulas with the turnaround points in the U.P.
  10. SeabeeCapt

    SeabeeCapt Premier Member

    MTF does the RAT every few years as part of their LD riding. I did it a couple of years ago, gold level. It's about 3200 miles, but the weather can be rough. I wrote a ride report not sure where it is. The weather was not cooperating, 108 in El Paso, strong winds everywhere and the worst lightning, wind, hail and rain storm I've ever been in, bar none!
    Tim Masterson was the RM for the RAT the year I did it.

  11. JAORE

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    I have a riding friend that has gone on multi-day, multi thousand mile rides with me. Typically two up with our wives, 500 mile days to "get there" without strain then smell the roses. He wants to try a SS 1000 but is apprehensive about hitting a wall and having to quit a long way from home. Strikes me as odd since he has ridden to Maine and Montana before, but this is his concern and I want to alleviate it. I've proposed an Alabama in-state to him. And he hit the lure....hard.

    For variety I proposed we hit every Harley dealer in the state. Guess what we ride.

    I plotted them out, optimized and BINGO, 1,057 miles. Available 24 hour stations for the late night segments. Like it was meant to be. Now if Jimmy won't back out we might add a new member.
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  12. Rony6ble

    Rony6ble Premier Member

    Adding a theme to the ride is definitely make the ride more interesting, at least it does for me.
    Good luck with your ride...
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  13. kwthom

    kwthom IBA Member

    Nicely arranged - what a friend he's got! :D

    If it's done in a loop (in-state route, has to be a loop!), and there's opportunities to bail out and head for home, then maybe that will alleviate his concern about *when* (not if) he hits the wall.

    Looking forward to reading this ride report... :D
  14. Steve Bracken

    Steve Bracken Premier Member

    If you plan a 500 mile out and back ride, this tends not to happen.

    The 500 miles is a familiar ride, and once you turn around, every mile is a mile closer to home.

    It's "in the head", but it makes a difference.
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  15. cacomly

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    This may be hard to document as you may need a large number of receipts. It does sound like a cool ride and good luck!
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  16. Bob Myers

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    I have done 2 different in-state SS1k in Ky, planning is easy, getting time to ride is not.
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  17. David L. Jackson

    David L. Jackson New Member

    has anyone done the ride around Georgia? looking for best route and any other info
  18. kwthom

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  19. David L. Jackson

    David L. Jackson New Member

    can anyone be a witness ?
  20. Steve Bracken

    Steve Bracken Premier Member

    Anyone who is not going on the ride with you and also applying for a certificate. It also cannot be your passenger.

    Anyone else ... friend, spouse, adult child, LEO, fireman, gas station attendant. Motel receptionist.

    Bear in mind that the person needs to be contactable, and willing to answer some simple questions.

    The witnesses do not need to be at the start or finish, merely within a reasonable vicinity and reasonably close to your start time. That could be the evening before for a very early start, and the morning after for a very late finish.

    It might pay to not use the word "Witness" to a cop. That word has a special meaning for them. Ask the officer to verify that you were here.
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