TigerBill hit a roo.


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He's a bit busted up but ok.

About 1130am Friday having not long passed the Hermdale Roadhouse heading west on the Barrier Highway with Nevertire Nic and I right behind.

Travelling at 100 to 110 he swerved to miss but hit hard. Some severe wobbles as he tried to hold it but he was flicked off, rolling to the left fog line. The bike cartwheeled off the road.

We were there in seconds, first car a Mines Rescue guy with his gear, next minute a VW Transporter with a rack, ramps and tiedowns.

I assessed him as ok to transport so we did a scoop and run 200km back to Dubbo. Dropped the smashed Versys at the Dubbo Kawasaki dealer and then Bill at the hospital.

Head neck chest lumbar pelvis cleared.
Broken finger and hand, broken right foot and possibly left heel. Otherwise belted up.

Probably shopping for a Yamaha 700 Tenere soon.


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Good news he is OK Peter..

Please pass on my best wishers to recovery...


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Sorry to hear about the accident
Trevor told me at Hay and the ride in from there was, let's say, more on the lookout for Roos than usual.
Give my well wishes to Bill


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Thanks for the update, buggar, bloody Roos even in daylight!

At least Bill SM is in good hands. Dale is a great guy and will also look after the bike.

If Bill needs anything off or stored from the bike OX let me know and I'll arrange it.


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Thanks for the update Peter. I guess Nick got a bit more of an education about trauma management with Bill to practice on.
Wildlife is becoming a real issue for us and with the collective brain power of many of us long distance riders surely there is something we can come up with to reduce this issue. Anyway best wishes to Bill. I'm glad to see he ended up in better shape than his bike.



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So sorry to read this. Hope you make a swift recovery Bill. Thanks to all the rapid response team. And I hope young Nic is not too troubled by what he saw.


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Looks like the air hawk will come up OK with a wash. Rest of the bike needs a thorough detail.!!!!!!
By the way, hurry home there's cold, cold, snow down to 1200m, and plenty of rain predicted across the bottom, Vic./NSW.