TigerBill hit a roo.

Olaf Moon

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Be-Jesus Bill! I Am very glad that you are ok, especially given the state of that bike! Also seriously glad that Ox was around to help you too - but I am not sure if its a good thing to ride with him - stuff happens! PS, if you need some cash, I will happily purchase those "used" Clearwater LED's from you! Get well soon.

jeffrey gebler

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I was quite shocked to here about your accident when TJ informed us in Renmark on Friday night. So glad Ox was there to offer assistance. I hope for a speedy recovery for you and will see at a ride hopefully in the near future.


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As everyone has noted, if you're going to have a big prang, make sure you've got the recovery team nearby.
It doesn't do to be superstitious, so I'd still have OX along with me if I had the choice- I'm sure it's Bill's bad luck and not OX's being along for the ride that has led to these outcomes, but Bill's gonna wonder about his next dual outing... :eek:

All the best with the recovery. Sounds like the protective gear held up well.


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Just catching up with this. Glad to hear you got off not too bad, Bill and hope the recovery continues well.

1130am! Bastard hopping-rats, don't they know the bloody rules!


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Hi one & all,
Thanks for all the good wishes via forum, email, SMS, call-in (thanks TJ) and a package of 'bike mags(! thanks John).

Just a quick note to update:
- Arrived at my daughter's place at Louth Park (East Maitland) just after 17:00 yesterday Tuesday, somewhat more wheelchair-friendly than our place at Fletcher; a mate took a day off to come & collect me.
- #1 son Andrew came down on Saturday to see me, and collected the 'bike from the Kawasaki Dealer (who was only too willing to help), and also co-ordinated with Ox to collect the sundry bags and electronic aids Peter had removed. Andrew has since removed the salvageable bits from the 'bike, off to Kawasaki Armidale today for quote & assessment.
- Had enough images - Xray and CT - to glow in the dark, took a few days & more piccies (2 Xrays and a CT) to make a decision on the L shoulder: a tear/dislocation of the AC joint, probably the worst of the many 'occurrences' to the body.
- Feeling a little more human after a great night's sleep - quiet & comfortable.

Off for some more meds..........



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Good to read you're on the mend and out of hospital. Always nice to get out of hospital. Hope you continue to heal.

+1 :)

I did chuckle when Ox said that you (collectively) dropped the bike off at the shop first and then you (singular) at the hospital. Priorities!!:):)


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We did happen to pass the 'bike shop first, so an easy choice - and my call anyway!

Police report & Insurance companies tomorrow - I'm ready for the 'on hold' music........