TigerBill hit a roo.


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Was concerned to hear about the OFF at the dinner on Sat night. Was very glad to hear that Ox and Nic were there. ..... even more happy to hear via this thread that you had your own medical emergency team on standby. Now that s what I call pre-planning! :p

OX, How is Nic? I hope he has not been too shaken up by the whole incident.


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All the best for a quick recovery and to catch up with you at a ride somewhere in the not too distant future, Bill.
Kudos to OX and all the others who helped get you and the bike to where you needed to be and continue to get things sorted on your behalf.


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Swann Insurance playing hardball - denying cover, even 'tho I have a receipt number for the renewal......
Haven't heard from SuperMoto Armidale yet, first reaction from the Manager when Andrew dropped it off was "S**t! Bet the rider has a few bangs and scrapes, hope the 'roo was killed...".


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Bill would you like me to just go in and do some covert observations.
Im currently talking with greg about a new toy and Ive some other bike parts to drop into their workshop anyway. Litteraly 1000mtrs from my front door.


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Just catching up with this news since my return from NZ ..... so very sorry to hear of this encounter Bill. So pleased that you are here with us to communicate about your injuries and share some warped IBS humour in the bargain. Very best wishes for your continued recovery mate. reminds us all of the risks involved.

Touring in NZ, I was pleased to learn they have no major roaming 'large' animals to deal with. The red deer breeding business (nice venison steaks) is flourishing over there but apparently there are very strict rules to ensure they don't get out and become 'feral' pests. Over 3,000k in the car and the biggest road carcase we saw was a dead possum. How I wish that was the case here.


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Thx Tele,
It would be nice to ride without worrying about our "ferals": 'roos, emus, cattle, sheep, deer, camels, donkeys, brumbies, foxes and small children.........


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Hey Tiger Bill. Glad your on the mend. Nasty stuff them roos. Wrote my last fjr off on one about 12 months ago. Was insured with swann they assessed paid up and reinsured my current fjr. Also paid for my riding gear damaged.
Hope your on the mend and back in the saddle of something soon.
Im also wondering if you got a msg from the IBA shop the other day. ??? Cheers


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Ox, 12:30 Monday: - "how you feeling, and what are you doin' this arvo?"
Me: "Feeling a lot better without the CAM boot, 'buddy' strapping and arm sling removed. Not doing much."
Ox: Wanna go to Adventure Moto?"
Me: "I'll wait out the front!"

Seeing as my Klim gear had to be cut off by the Trauma Team in the ED just over six weeks ago, and the helmet did it's job also, I now have these:

Now, once I can walk properly, I'll have a look at the 'bikes on the 'short list'!


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When I hear the word "Klim", I think of the Aussie swimmer by the same name. I'm pleased your "Klim suit" doesn't consist of a shaved head and a pair of Speedos:D It will be great to see you up and riding again when the time is right Bill :)