100CCC Attempt - 4 February


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yep, he is looking forward to the wide open spaces. We saw his taillight disappear up the range from Aratula. He knows where he is going, its just a matter of doing it now.
We expect him back in Brisbane Saturday morning if the plan doesn't change. Will pick him up in Aratula for the run to the end.
Tabledrain, maybe that should read back to Brisbane Friday morning..


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OK I met Dan at Gilgandra with browser nozzle in hand. He had a smile from ear to ear and was loving it. He was enjoying the cool change however on the trip to Nevertire temperatures reached a moderate 37oC where unfortunately I had to wave him off at 1217 est.

Up to my usual standard o_O killed another native creature, lucky it was the feathered. I couldn't kick the buggar off as it was impacted into the side of the bike. Dan rode up next to me indicating that i had a hitch-hiker as if i didn't notice :eek:

1 (1).jpg 1 (2).jpg 1 (3).jpg 1 (4).jpg 1 (5).jpg variety :eek:

Dicky Knee

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Dan's probable ETA to Perth (by my calculations) will look like being smack in the middle of my beauty sleep, and I need every minute of that I can get. Sorry I won't be there to shake your hand Dan, but will be watching SPOT with great anticipation. No need for "good luck" in this message... just ride the plan mate. ;)

Martin Little

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I gave Dan a call before I left work tonight. He's doing great and is on schedule and just enjoying the wide open spaces out there. He was also really appreciative of Skidoo waiting to see him at Gilgandra.

We had a chat about the night section ahead, including taking a brief break in Port Augusta to refuel, re-hydrate etc, before he strikes out for Ceduna.