SS1600K attempt on a 90cc Postie


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Everytime I read this Topic one thought keeps jumping up.

"you can't make a silk purse out of a sow's ear"

It's an old saying but I like the way you keep on trying to go against the grain.


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Another top effort there Frog. Amazing perseverance and commitment to what was a very challenging task. Sorry to hear of Taddy's demise, but pleased you walked away from this one with your sense of humour intact. Great to read of the support you were offered. :) Best wishes for your future endeavours.


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ok so I have taken a few days out to regroup. I have been doing a bit of driving around for work and BINGO what a score;) look at what I picked up from under a tree IMG_20160225_183140_939.jpg
Donner Organs....looks like Taddy and I are back in the race.:cool:
Picked up a new one of these today
piston 3.jpg
A bit of machining to do but testing should start in a week or so. there is a bit more to be had from Taddy so I will be stretching the limits further. All or nothing. It is a fact that only those that have been over the edge truly know where it is... the rest are just guessing.
The Goals for Voyage #5 are;
#1 More power.
#2 More speed. (See goal #1)
#3 Quicker ride time (See goal #1)
I think that list is definitive, covering all aspects of successful attempt.

Watch this space.


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Frog just two words:

Sixty eight
Ok... I'm hearing you:( got a little excited for a while.
I have always stood peering over the edge, this time I will heed the little, distant, not very dominant... "in fact why do I listen at all" voice in my head that says you are right.
So off of the list comes, Turbo and water Meth injection:(. However there are some others that will stay;).


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I have just been Encrypilocked so all my dyno software and engine data is gone. Taddy is on hold till I get a new puter and gather up enough software to start again. It is the MP3 version so no cure yet


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Onward and upward and forward young man :D
There were those who thought the Wright Brothers were crazy ........

Posties might be the long distance bike of choice once you have got your act sorted :D:D


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Excellent Frog.

Friday 6th Jan 23:52 AEDT as I type this. Not sure just when you are starting, but from your post it looks like you added that link at about 20:35 your time.

Just a few hours and then fire up Taddy, or maybe a day real soon?