A few days off

jeffrey gebler

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It has been a great five days of riding across the country. After two nights of issues with accommodation in Ceduna and Perth{ more details in the ride report} which left me with about 2 hours sleep both nights. I did not feel confident in my ability to safely continue back to Coogee so I reverted to my back up plan which I completed today around 9pm. I ended up with 8051km for the 5 days, not quite what I set out to do but I had a great time and am quite comfortable with the Tenere set up to be my choice of bike for the IBR next year.

In regards to the front tyre, it made it home but not sure if it would have made it back to coogee.

It was good to see Gus again and appreciate him coming out to escort me into the city. I already am looking forward to my next ride west. IMG_20220828_204830_resize_30.jpg