Renmark SA Muster 2017 - 8th April


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That would be IBA staff, Peter.

There will be some table space to gather your dockets and thoughts before handing it in.


Rule 8. Upon arriving at the event, riders are to place their fuel receipts, witness forms and a legible Ride Log in an envelope (clearly marked with their name and IBA Number on the outside of the envelope) and give it to one of the staff members immediately

Does this mean one of the Hotel staff or is it nominated IBA people?
Peter, we have amended rule 8 on the web page to include the words "IBA Australia" before the word staff.


You didn't have to. I just wondered whether you had organised a collection point at the Hotel reception since it was 24 hour. All cool!!
All good, and allways worthwhile trying to clarify, just may be some others that thought the same. Karl, I and some other great helpers will be there in the function room from around 10.30am for those that want to start handing in their ride log, dockets and witness forms, so we can finalise the verification of rides. :)

Martin Little

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To all those attending the Muster in Renmark enjoy your rides and the weekend!

I won't be attending due to sporting commitments, but i do hope to be at the next one!

Just a reminder

For anyone who is booked in at Renmark Hotel, Murray Ave, Renmark :

The Motel's reception is manned 24HR's and can be accessed via the main entrance off Murray Avenue. If the door is locked there is a intercom on the wall to press that goes to reception.

I have also arranged that the receptionist be manned with a "Renmark Hotel" stamp and explained she may be asked to stamp & sign a witness form or 2! ;)
I'll give her training when we arrive on what we require.
Hope this helps guys.

To all that are attending The Muster ride safe :)


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Ride Smart Ride Safe. Hopefully all going have calculated all things including allowances for weather and wildlife.
Enjoy you lucky buggers. See u next year!!


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Home safe and sound, no dramas and enjoyed the dust, rain and wind on the ride home.

Marvellous muster once again and fantastic to see some of our really Big Dogs there, woof woof.
Liz and I send thanks to the Admin team and all attendees, great choice of location too, well done you!

@Olly. Thanks mate. An absolute honour and pleasure to be able to perform that most necessary of tasks.

Next year is locked in.


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Just now walked in the door. Pretty wild day on Sunday and in the end after way too many lightning strickes close to the road I pulled the pin at Dubbo initially having intended to be Armidale about 21:00.
Never mind.
A big thank you to the IBA crew and helpers who got this event to work again. Great location and congratulations to all those who attended.
All the best to Tiger Bill well done Ox and Nevertire Nic for looking after Bill.


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Home safely late this arvo afternoon a quick overnighter with the rellies in Griffith on Sunday night. I just want to give a 'thank you' to the mystery person who gaffer taped the silver swooshy thing on the RHS of the Triumph's fairing after it must have become partially detached on the ride in on Friday night and I hadn't noticed.