Renmark SA Muster 2017 - 8th April


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Sorry to hear Kimmie and Russell.
Bloody work!
The advantage of doing only unpaid work gets over this problem.


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I have leave , but I will be spending it with my wife and daughter touring the south Island of New Zealand. Wishing you all safe and enjoyable travels


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My ride time was booked in late January come hell ,high water and hard cases.
Even juror duty has had to move aside and hell's bells I'm busting to go do some miles.
Bloody sorry to read that a few special mates wont be there.

Wendys even bought me some new music.


Just had a look at googlemaps, there is parking at the motel side for guest and lots of other parking available. If we get any more feedback from the Hotel we will post it up.:)


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Another one with that 4 letter word, work, getting in the way. :mad:
As one of the couple of million in the underemployed category, I cannot make it as I have to work 52 weeks a year to pay my bills, let alone save any money! o_O

Hope I can get a full time job soon so I can partake of this little hobby we all have !!!!


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Just a question regarding the program
Why does it have to start so late and why does it have to end so late?
Thinking back to Parkes, everyone was ready to register earlier in the morning and started to slow down not long after dinner at night.

Some might want to leave for home early Sunday morning. I will be in that group to be at work Monday morning.

It's just an observation and maybe considering bringing the whole program forward


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Filters changed and new jungle juice in.
Then some other juices came out...of the forks. So best get them sorted before departure date.

Grey Gentry

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Went to work on Marl's ZZR. Removed the lower fairing to change the oil. Broken lugs. Will need repair. Minor problem.
I did get the oil and filter done.

And Kate our daughter, has removed the last major roadblock. We are now grandparents of a health baby boy.


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Rule 8. Upon arriving at the event, riders are to place their fuel receipts, witness forms and a legible Ride Log in an envelope (clearly marked with their name and IBA Number on the outside of the envelope) and give it to one of the staff members immediately

Does this mean one of the Hotel staff or is it nominated IBA people?