Reports During ET16

Thank you to the rally team and participants of this rally ET2016. I enjoyed the rides to the various bonus locations in my case eleven countries, in five days/nights.
There was a very good and relaxed atmosphere.
Learned that I have to bring my route planning to a higher level.
A real pity that the 41 minutes for the last four kilometers to the Rally Hotel proved not to be enough to finish on time. The highway was completely closed by a serious accident and thus my exit unavailable. Hopefully the people involved in the accident made it out safe but the passing firetrucks/rescue team suggests otherwise.

Ride safe and be happy,

John "Sidecarmaniac"


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P9040004.JPG P9050034.JPG P9060041.JPG P9060043.JPG P9060058.JPG P9070090.JPG P9070100.JPG P9080123.JPG P9080115.JPG P9080109.JPG Thanks all for a fantastic time. Add some pictures as impressions.... Pay atention to the Bob and Rodelbahn - this is the START Point... ;)